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8 thoughts on “D.J. Mitchell called up

  1. I am glad to see Mitchell getting his chance! He had always been one of my favorite lesser talked about prospects. These days I have been more intested in his than Banuelos or Betances…

  2. I'm glad to see this kid get a chance. He'll be celebrating his 25th birthday in a couple weeks and is a stick at 6'0" 160 lbs. Last year he won the Yankees' Minor League Pitcher of the Year Award (13-9, 3.18 ERA in 161 innings at AAA) though his K/9 (6.3) and BB/9 (3.5) rates were not so great last year. He was also the one pushing Phelps for the long reliever role out of the gate. His overall #s look good so far this year (3.13 ERA), but he's really had 2 great starts and 2 pretty bad starts so far: 1st + 3rd starts: 13 IP, 0 runs; 2nd + 4th starts: 10 IP, 8 runs, 3 HR). But his K/9 (8.2) and BB/9 (2.7) rates look great so far in 2012, though his FIP (4.11) is suffering from the 3 HRs in 23 IP (1.17 HR/9). Last year he only gave up 10 HR in 161 innings so you'd think he'd hopefully be able to bring that back down as he's never had a HR/9 of more than 0.74 in the minors (2010 in AA).

    As of right now, it seems to me like the rotation will shake out as something like Sabathia, Kuroda, Nova, Pettitte, and then 1 of Phelps and Mitchell will be the 5th starter with the other staying in long relief. Good riddance to Freddy and Hughes, they can't afford to keep trotting out guaranteed shellings. What to do with those 2 is the bigger question as the bullpen is on fire right now.

      • Personally, I think Garcia should be relieved (no pun intended – seriously) he wasn’t released at this point. I don’t like the idea of him coming out of the bullpen right now, but with the way the pitching has gone for the Yankees this year it may not be a bad idea to hang on to him a bit longer and see if he sorts himself out. I would assume he’s on a short leash, especially if Phelps and Mitchell prove worthy.

        I am not ready to give up on Hughes yet, but that may be mostly out of sentimentality.

        • I'm not ready to give up on Hughes either which is why I think it's better to send him down to get himself straightened out rather than bury him in the bullpen.

  3. Not that I see Garcia as having any long-term upside and recognising these posts were stimulated by last night's start, but I'm wondering why we're not talking every bit as much about Hughes who has been much, much worse than Garcia since the start of last season. When does his age stop being an excuse.

    I bet we all wish one of them had been traded in the Spring when they had a bit of value…

  4. I agree, if he does well, as soon as Andy gets here, Hughes should go to the bull pen.