Game Thread: April 29, 2012, Tigers vs. Yankees (Rubber Match!)

The last two Yankee games have been as exciting as any this season. Friday the Yankees rallied back twice to win it in the 9th. Saturday the Yankees put up a late fight, but it wasn’t enough to overcome the hole that Freddy Garcia put them in. Both games were baseball at its best, and I’m quite a bit sick of it. No more of these come backs! No more finding the team in a hole before they’ve even come to bat! I vote for a good old fashioned, 11-1 New York Yankees’ style pounding. Fortunately we have just the pitcher on the mound to deliver his part of the bargain. CC Sabathia will look to build on the progress he showed in Texas while the Rangers will counter with the struggling Max Scherzer. Typically this game would have victory written all over it, but the Yankees have struggled against Scherzer in the past. Enjoy.



1. Austin Jackson – CF
2. Brennan Boesch – RF
3. Miguel Cabrera – 3B
4. Prince Fielder – 1B
5. Brad Eldred – DH
6. Ryan Raburn – LF
7. Ramon Santiago – SS
8. Gerald Laird – C
9. Danny Worth – 2B


1. Derek Jeter – SS
2. Curtis Granderson – CF
3. Alex Rodriguez – 3B
4. Robinson Cano – 2B
5. Mark Teixeira – 1B
6. Nick Swisher – RF
7. Raul Ibanez – LF
8. Eric Chavez – DH
9. Chris Stewart – C

73 thoughts on “Game Thread: April 29, 2012, Tigers vs. Yankees (Rubber Match!)

  1. Phil C

    Need a good start — no a GREAT start — from CC. (By the way, I’m not convinced yet that CC is or will be the same.) Garcia to pen? When they hell can you pitch him? Only if the Yanks are up or down by 15?

    • Professor Longnose

      What about CC makes you think he won’t be the same?

      • Phil C

        Did not pitch his best late last year. Early this year his command was off — getting better. With his age & innings, getting hard to expect the CC of the 1st 3 years as a Yankee. I’m not expecting him to be terrible, just not as automatic as he’s been.

        • Professor Longnose

          Possible. He’s always been a warm-weather guy, so I guess we can reassess after May.

  2. smurfy

    CC looks like the same ol’ hoss to me. I think he’s got it reasonably oiled and ironed out. They’re saying his changeup is not there, but he can do well with two.

    They will probably use Garcia as long man, with Rapada or Wade handling the first few outs, then Freddie taking over in a fresh inning. -oh, once he finds his rythm, that is. Tunes his machine. Gets some life in his arm and motion.

    • Professor Longnose

      You can’t use a guy as a long man if he can’t get more than 3 outs without giving up runs.

      • smurfy

        you must have patience, grasshopper.

        • Professor Longnose

          I don’t know about the patience, but I could go for a grasshopper.

          • smurfy

            I dunno, sounds kinda green and gooey.

  3. smurfy

    Bat handling Chavez! Go! Go! Git ’em!

    • Professor Longnose

      Bah! Couldn’t even hit the game-tying homer yesterday. A bum!

  4. Professor Longnose

    The Yankees must lead MLB in bases-loaded walks over the last 10, 15 years.

  5. Professor Longnose

    Rodriguez pounds out the hit!

    • smurfy

      a mighty blow.

  6. smurfy

    A slow motion rally. C’mon Robbie, speed it up!

    • Professor Longnose

      He did not look good that at bat.

  7. smurfy

    Oouch, Robbie had a fat one there. Only problem, it was a bit too fast.

  8. Phil C

    I think Girardi needs to take a page from Madden’s play book and really shake up the batting order, if only for a game or two.

    • Professor Longnose

      Or the Billy Martin playbook and draw the batting order out of a hat.

      • smurfy

        Get out! Did he do that, or just tell Reggie that was why he was batting 7th?

        If I were to experiment, it would be to shove whoever is slumping down in the order. Robbie should hit 8th. He’d spring out of it.

        Sorry, son, you stink right now.

        • Professor Longnose

          He really did it. I remember it specifically once, and I think he did it a couple of times. It was a completely weird lineup, but the Yankees won.

  9. smurfy

    Wow, Jackson had that for a second. Couldn’t negotiate all those walls and fences, elbows and the ball.

  10. smurfy

    Boy, Texy has to stretch huge and pick off balance for every throw now. Arod, Cano, now Jeter.

    • Professor Longnose

      Lucky it’s not Giambi.

  11. Professor Longnose

    Bases loaded. Time for a big hit.

    • Phil C

      Jeter has 2 hits w/RISP, but no RBIs!

      • Professor Longnose

        That sorta defeats the whole purpose.

  12. smurfy

    Haha, chopped it BIG! Bases loaded again. Gotta clean ’em up right! Oh, Curtis, I believe you’re our only hope.

    • Professor Longnose

      Uh-oh. We have no hope.

      • smurfy

        well, just a wee bit of wiggle room.

  13. Professor Longnose

    Jones has been crummy. Time for a big hit.

    • Professor Longnose

      That was a small hit, but pretty good. Thanks, Andruw.

      • smurfy

        everybody’s good for a nibble. Nobody has taken a big bite.

        • Professor Longnose

          Need some chompin’.

  14. Professor Longnose

    Bases loaded again. More hope.

  15. smurfy

    Aow1 That’s at least 12 runners left.

  16. Phil C

    Disgusting hitting with RISP! Too many blown chances and men LOB, no way they’ll win this game. Well, maybe some way.

  17. Phil C

    Is Swisher headed to the DL? Here in Houston I have to watch the game on TBS, what are they saying on YES. (By the way, I’m enjoying the announcers.)

    • Professor Longnose

      Just said a tweaked hamstring. They didn’t give any timetable. Are they saying DL?

      • smurfy

        They haven’t said yet. He’s been hitting so well, bet they just hold him out a few days.

      • Phil C

        No, I was wondering because he’s had this (or a similar) problem already this year. ESPN is reporting a precautionary MRI.

        • Professor Longnose

          I guess that’s a good idea.

  18. Professor Longnose

    Stewart gets the rally started. Big inning.

    • Phil C

      It’s the Tigers game plan, let Yanks get runner on and then pitch out of it.

      • Professor Longnose

        Every time??

  19. Professor Longnose

    You don’t bunt 2-0.

  20. smurfy

    Jete almost got the mashing machine going.

    • Professor Longnose

      Anything but an out is OK by me.

  21. smurfy

    Jackson had that catch coming, by karma.

  22. Professor Longnose

    Rodriguez and Cano have been the weak spot in the lineup. Let’s change that.

  23. Professor Longnose

    How did he get under that tag??

    • smurfy

      yeah, looked like he had him, but on the replay, you see Chris is in, under.

  24. smurfy

    Good call, ump! Commendable call!

    • Professor Longnose

      Yeah. Usually when the throw beats the runner like that, it’s an out no matter what happens after that.

      • smurfy

        you’re right, when they don’t see better.

    • Phil C

      In real time I thought he was out. But that ump no only got the call right, but it’s rare that one is in such great position to make the call.

      • Professor Longnose

        Yeah, he looked out in real time to me, too. But the call was good.

  25. Professor Longnose

    OK, sac fly I can deal with. Looking good.

  26. smurfy

    Cano hit that real well. He’s gotten two little singles, bouncers up the middle. Yesterday, he hit two or more liners on the nose, right at somebody. He’s not far off.

    • Professor Longnose

      Yeah, he hits drives like that consistently he’ll be way over .300 quick.

  27. Professor Longnose

    R-H-E for the Crimson Hose after 6: 0-0-0.

    • smurfy

      some blanco is blanking them, hunh?

      • Professor Longnose

        Whoever it is, I jinxed him. They got a hit in the 7th.

        • smurfy

          zee pale hosen, I believe.

  28. smurfy

    Better bat sounds today. Jones popup sounded like — like THAT!

  29. smurfy

    It … is…a foul ball!

  30. Professor Longnose

    The Icterids scored 5 runs in the bottom of the 9th to win 5-2.

    • smurfy

      alright…whatthehell is an Icterid?

      • Professor Longnose

        From Wikipedia:

        The Icterids are a group of small to medium-sized, often colorful passerine birds restricted to the New World. Most species have black as a predominant plumage color, often enlivened by yellow, orange or red. The family is extremely varied in size, shape, behavior and coloration. The name, meaning “jaundiced ones” (from the prominent yellow feathers of many species) comes from the Ancient Greek ikteros, through the Latin ictericus. This group includes the New World blackbirds, New World orioles, the Bobolink, meadowlarks, grackles, cowbirds, oropendolas and caciques.

        • smurfy

          oh, the Baltimore Oropendolas. I see.

  31. Phil C

    Good game. Loved chatting with ya’ll.

    • smurfy

      see ya, Phil!

  32. smurfy

    OK, 12 – 9, and we’re heading to Baltimore. Yum, couls use me some soft-shelled crabs. Maybe they’ve saved a few.

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