More roster moves coming this week

The team might be forced to make another decision before that, however, thanks to the low-grade hamstring strain Nick Swisher suffered in yesterday’s game. As of now, it appears the team does not intend to place him on the disabled list, though the injury will take a “few days” to heal. Since the Yankees are already working with a short bench, having Swisher unavailable will make things even tighter over the next few days, as the team will have only three true outfielders (and one of them is Raul Ibanez) available to manager Joe Girardi until Gardner comes back, with Eduardo Nunez forced into the fourth outfielder role. They’ll also have just two players available on the bench in whichever combination of Russell Martin/Chris Stewart and Eduardo Nunez/Eric Chavez isn’t in the starting lineup that night.

Personally, I don’t think much will come out of Swisher’s situation. The Yankees ought to be able to rough it for three home games before Gardner comes back, at which point they’d just be in the same situation they’ve been playing with since Gardner hit the DL. If Swisher’s injury is more troublesome than anticipated, he’ll be placed on the DL himself, which will free up the needed roster spot to bring reinforcements up from the minors.It’s Gardner’s return that presents a real reason for concern for Garcia as, unless the corresponding move is to put Swisher on the DL, the Yankees will have to decide whether they’d rather have Garcia or Mitchell in the long relief role.

If there’s a silver lining in this weekend for Garcia, it’s that both Joe Girardi and Brian Cashman have been about as effusive in their praise of him as they possibly could be, given the circumstances. That could all be simply a way of being tactful and polite, but Cashman, at least, has already put his not-so-metaphorical money where his mouth is when he hurried to lock Freddy up for this season all the way back in November. The team clearly likes Garcia quite a bit, and seems to have a lot more faith in him than they should based on his 3.62 ERA from a year ago. Because of that, I very much doubt that the team will opt to sending Garcia altogether rather than option Mitchell back to the Empire State Yankees, but if it were my call, Saturday afternoon would be our final memory of Freddy’s tenure in pinstripes.

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5 thoughts on “More roster moves coming this week

  1. "if it were my call, Saturday afternoon would be our final memory of Freddy’s tenure in pinstripes."

    Very tempting. Something that wouldn't cause me a bit of lost sleep. But, since the team has to pay him anyway, its a shame they can't stash him in AAA until they need him. <ducking> I know – he's so horrid right now, why would anyone ever need him?

    Even with everyone's love, Hughes isn't doing a lot better than Freddy; so far, Kuroda is AJ – one stinker for every good game. Throw in the fact that "everyone" is counting on a 40-year old coming out of retirement to save the rotation – are you sure that is going to work out the way we want?

    Barring a hidden injury, its hard to imagine that Freddy has forgotten how to pitch; with all the question marks in the Yankees rotation, it makes sense to keep what was a serviceable major league pitcher (just one year ago) around, if they can.

    OTOH, if Phelps and Mitchell turn out to be 2nd half 2011 Nova (or first half vintage Hughes) – that's a whole 'nother story. ;)

  2. My guess would be that Mitchell goes down unless they have a bigger issue with Swish strain; thus retroactive him to the 15 DL.

    I don't see Freddy leaving until June or July. He is a positive guy (unlike Abreu), might get himself worked out and why let him go elsewhere when Pineda is lost for the season and Andy will likely break down (for a while) with a hammy.

    Not good, not cheap, but likely the smartest play in keeping him around for a while.

  3. The bigger question is when will Cashman's GM tenure be discussed critically? Two of his three FA from 2009 have either disappointed completely,Burnett or seem to be declining rapidly,Teixiera. His latest round of FA signings is unimpressive and the only beneficial trade he's made is Swisher. The draft and current crop of prospects has has produced nada at the ML level to date although some prospects look good. Overal since he assumed full control of the organization in2005,his record reads 1 World Series "purchased" with the Yankee dollar! I grade him a C at best. Comments?

  4. "…the only beneficial trade he's made is Swisher."

    What about that guy in the middle, hitting 40+ home runs? Grander-something….?

  5. Let's not write off Fred Garcia just yet. A little high tech analysis of his delivery, mechanics, foot placement on the rubber and some good old fashioned endurance and strength conditioning might just turn his stuff around in time to still contribute to the big ball club in the Bronx. Attrition over a 162 game schedule for starting pitching should be a good indication he can still contribute to some needed wins over the course of the season.