The Farm Report: 4/19/2012

Trenton lost to Harrisburg 6-2:

Trenton kicked off a homestand with a disappointing 6-2 loss to Harrisburg, getting just five hits in the game. Starter Josh Romanski allowed four runs in the first inning before settling down to pitch six more scoreless innings and finishing with six strikeouts to just one walk, but the Thunder were unable to overcome the early deficit with their anemic performance at the plate. First baseman Luke Murton went 2-4 with a double and a home run, but he was pretty much the lone offensive stand out of the game. Abraham Almonte, Zoilo Almonte, and Melky Mesa were all held hitless with a strike out each. Zoilo Almonte was removed after his second at bat with an injury to his leg and was replaced by Neil Medchill, who was just called up from Tampa today.

Tampa stayed hot, beating Daytona 5-2:

The Tampa Yankees had a mirror image start to Trenton’s, as Eduardo Sosa tripled to lead off the game and the Yankees jumped out to  4-0 lead after the top of the first.…

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Game Thirteen: Phil’s Phirst Win?

Mike Stone/Reuters

Its the final game of the Yankee v. Twin home series tonight. On the mound for the Twins is Anthony Swarzak, who you can read about here. Phil Hughes make his third start and another...

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Checking in with some sleeper prospects

On Tuesday, I took a look at the early-season performance of some of the Yankees’ top prospects across the minor leagues, but particularly in Charleston.  Today, I will be looking at the performances of some guys who have flown under the  radar.

Adam Warren, who should be motivated by the presence of longtime rival David Phelps...

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Early prospect surprises

Tyler Austin (OF Low-A Charleston): We all knew Austin could hit after the display he put on between the Gulf Coast and New York-Penn Leagues last season, but no one could have predicted the torrid start Austin is off to in 2012. Entering play tonight, he’s hitting a downright ridiculous .450/.500/.975 (.630 wOBA) with three home runs, four doubles, and four triples. That’s 11 total extra base hits in 10 games. He’s been held hitless just once so far this year, his first game of the year, and is currently riding a nine game hitting streak. Still not impressed? He’s collected at least two hits in each of his last seven games.

Obviously it’s very early and you don’t want to take these early performances to heart too much, but if you were looking to bet on the system’s big riser this season, you could probably do worse than Austin. He’s not going to keep hitting the way he has so far forever but, at the same time, he’s hasn’t had any problems with the pitchers in the South Atlantic League yet, so if he continues to hit at a level even approaching what he’s done thus far, the Yankees are going to have to give serious thought to moving him up a level to make sure he’s actually being challenged by opposing hitters.…

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Instant Replay via Challenge Flags and a War Room

Last night, Al Leiter suggested that baseball bring instant replay into baseball via challenge flags. The umpires had just pretty badly blown a call on Robinson Cano at first base. Cano was easily (even to the naked eye) safe, but was called out. In a one-run game, that play could easily have made the difference.


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The elephant in the room

First of all, we do not know if Freddy’s agent beat Bartolo’s to the punch with the Yankees or what. We do not know what Brian Cashman was thinking and if he ever thought about keeping Bartolo Colon. Once Cashman signed Garcia and Phil Hughes was counted on for the rotation, Colon was a moot point. “Shrek” did sign with Oakland for less money than the Yankees paid Garcia and yes, Bartolo Colon is 3-1 with a 2.65 ERA while Garcia has jumped the shark in his first starts with the Yankees. So yes, it is easy at this point to beat our chests and say, “What the heck, Cashman?”

But if you were choosing without knowing this season’s results between Garcia and Colon, wouldn’t they have seemed equal to you? Their seasons a year ago were similar. Both pitched better than expected. Garcia maintained his game longer and Colon faded a bit down the stretch. Without knowing what you know now, wouldn’t you have a tough time choosing between the two of them?…

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Mark Teixeira Is Powerless (And That’s OK)

(The following is being syndicated from An A-Blog for A-Rod)

There’s been a major power shortage in the middle of the Yankee lineup so far this season.  If the team weren’t still winning ballgames, and if the rotation didn’t have its own issues, it would probably be a bigger a story. ...

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