The day Rocky Colavito pitched for the Yankees

From time to time, usually on an off day, a Yankee memory from the past will be featured as kind of a change of pace. This one is a re-print of a story written in 2010. Oh, and the lake mentioned in the story was Laurel Lake for you folks from New Jersey.

This memory is of a twelve year old boy who was spending a summer Sunday at a man-made lake in Montvale, New Jersey. This twelve year old never went anywhere without a transistor radio, especially during baseball season. This particular Sunday was absolutely perfect because not only was his family at this gigantic concrete lake (later to become the site of condos) on a beautiful summer’s day, but the Yankees were playing a double header. The day would consist of swimming, sun bathing, barbecued hamburgers and Phil Ruzzuto. Perfection!

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Campos “generating buzz”

I don’t mean to come off like a broken record, but it’s safe to say that I really like Jose Campos. The newest Yankee prospect made his second start of the season for Low-A Charleston last night, and turned in another impressive outing. Here’s what Ben Badler has to say about Campos:

With one trade, the Mariners sent arguably the two best Latin American pitchers they’ve signed since Felix Hernandez to the Yankees in January.

It may end up being worth it, given Jesus Montero‘s bat potential and some early concerns about Michael Pineda‘s health, but losing righthander Jose Campos in the deal may end up stinging.


Campos has a power fastball that he can ramp up to the high-90s when he needs to, but he also throws it for strikes, backs it up with solid secondary stuff and has a big, durable 6-foot-4 frame. Montero should help a Mariners offense that scored the fewest runs in baseball a year ago, but Campos has the potential to swing that deal in the Yankees’ favor in a big, big way.

I still don’t know why the Mariners were willing to part with Campos in addition to Michael Pineda in order to acquire Jesus Montero, but I’m sure glad that they were.

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Yankees last in AL in defensive efficiency

Yes, the Yankees have only played six games and yes, this data was only culled from one site, But thus far, that site is not impressed with the Yankees in the field. The site ranked the Yankees’ fielding efficiency at .646, well below the site’s American League average of .723. The Red Sox are listed next to last at an efficiency of .684. Fangraphs has not started posting fielding stats. According to, the Toronto Blue Jays lead the American League with an efficiency of .809 followed by the Tampa Bay Rays at .756.

According to the site, Robinson Cano, Curtis Granderson, Russell Martin, Eduardo Nunez and Nick Swisher all have -1 rankings for their defense (total zone total fielding runs above average). The Yankees are tied for second in fielding percentage for whatever that is worth.

It will be interesting to follow these rankings as well as data other ranking sites as the season continues on its way.


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The best thing you will read today. Seriously.

Thankfully, my RSS reader was working nicely today as I could not help but jump to read this, via Deadspin:

These columns should be easy to write by now, since they’ve been written for at least a decade—often by the same writers. Going back to his blown save in Game 7 of the 2001 World Series, the ever-vigilant columnists of the Tri-State Area have been watching for signs that the once unhittable Rivera is succumbing to the ravages of age. And every time he strings a few shaky outings together, the death knell is tolled.

Friends, read on, and enjoy the chuckles provided by our favorites Wallace Matthews, Andrew Marchand, Mike Lupica, etc.

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The Benefit Of 20/20 Foresight (And Failing To Use It)

(The following is being syndicated from An A-Blog for A-Rod) I’m always the first to pipe up about Joe’s on-field decisions when it comes to managing his bullpen, be they good calls or bad calls (usually bad).  But for the Yankees to extend that questionable bullpen decision-making to the pre-game, well that’s something I’m not familiar with and something I was very surprised to see play out yesterday.  If you were not aware, the Yankees entered last night’s game quite understaffed in their relief corps after the previous 2 games.  Let’s review: David Phelps– Unavailable after pitching 2.1 innings in Continue reading The Benefit Of 20/20 Foresight (And Failing To Use It)

Posada to throw first pitch at Yankees’ home opener

Via David Waldstein, Jorge Posada will be on hand to throw the ceremonial first pitch at tomorrow’s opener at Yankee Stadium. Posada’s last appearance before fans at the Stadium was the Yankees disappointing exit from the 2011 postseason, so this should provide everyone with a much better occasion to express their appreciation for Posada’s career as a Yankee. Mariano Rivera will catch the pitch.
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Ninth inning at-bat highlights Brett the Double Edged Sword

Brett Gardner has spent the last three seasons proving me wrong. When you look at Gardner’s swing, you think there is absolutely no way this dude can survive in the major leagues. Every once in a while, he unleashes a nice, quick stroke on the way to the ball, but usually he’s a bit too long for a guy with that little power. It also baffles me that Brett has reached this level of baseball while seemingly never ever using his legs in a swing. Regardless, Brett has managed not to get the bat knocked out of his hands and Continue reading Ninth inning at-bat highlights Brett the Double Edged Sword

The Farm Report: 4/11/12

It was a pretty successful day for the Yankees’ minor league affiliates Wednesday, as only Empire State took a loss.  Jose Campos continued to show that we cannot judge the Montero-Pineda trade without remembering he was a part of it.  Meanwhile, the major league club wasn’t the only one playing extra baseball yesterday, as Tampa won a close game against Clearwater after 12 innings.

Empire State got stomped by Buffalo 12-3:
Dellin Betances had a rough outing on Wednesday.  Zach Lutz started the second inning with a solo homer and Betances walked Adam Loewen.  Omar Quintanilla doubled to right and another run scored on a groundout to second, giving Buffalo a 2-0 lead.  The Yankees fought back in the top of the third as Francisco Cervelli and Jack Cust both worked walks and Dewayne Wise drove a homer out to right, giving the Yankees a 3-2 lead.  Unfortunately, the lead would not last long as everything fell apart in the bottom of the fourth.  Betances gave up two singles, two walks and two homers before Jason Bulger replaced him on the mound and promptly gave up a third homer in the inning.  When all was said and done, the Bison held a 9-3 lead after four innings and the Yankees were unable to put together the offense to threaten.  Buffalo picked up a few more runs for the 12-3 victory.  Brandon Laird we 2-4, and Dewayne Wise provided most of the Yankees’ offense with his three-run homer.  Betances lasted just 3.1 innings and gave up eight earned runs on seven hits, six walks and three homers.

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Yankees sweep Orioles – Swisher the hero

A night after needing twelve innings to put away the Baltimore Orioles, the New York Yankees needed ten more frames to finish the sweep. For the Orioles, the game came down to two innings of not being able to obtain the last out. The Yankees tied the game in the seventh inning when Luis Ayala could not get the last out in relief of Jake Arrieta, who deserved a better fate. And in the tenth inning, Kevin Gregg had two out with nobody on base and gave up a double to Mark Teixeira followed by a two-run homer by Nick Swisher. Mariano Rivera finished the Orioles off in the bottom of the tenth and the Yankees won their third game in a row after losing the first three games of the season. After a day off tomorrow, the Yankees can travel home with a .500 record for their first home game of the season on Friday.

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