Nightly Links: Recap, Campos, Thomson

The Yankees beat the Orioles tonight 6-4 in extra innings with a struggling Sabathia on the mound and a depleted bullpen backing him up.

Sabathia’s Second Chance
After a rough first start in Tampa, and a long game that depleted the bullpen last night, it was important that CC Sabathia have a long and...

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Game Six: Bring Out Your Brooms

Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Behind their ace CC Sabathia, the Yankees are looking for the road sweep of the Baltimore Orioles tonight. A win would put the team at .500 entering their home opener, a somewhat successful result for...

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Starter’s Guide to Pitchers Making Their Major League Debut

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Last decade, the Yankees were the victim of a frustrating phenomenon. Whenever a pitcher would make his major league debut against them, the team’s offense would go into a shell. From 2000 to 2010, starters breaking into...

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Reconsidering Greinke

The Brewers announced late last night that they and their ace pitcher, Zack Greinke, had broken off talks of extending Greinke past the 2012 season. In the final year of a four-year contract he signed with the Kansas City Royals back in 2009, Greinke would likely be the best right handed pitcher on the...

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The Ever Changing Ivan Nova And His New Fastball

Rob Carr/Getty Images North America

When Ivan Nova took the mound on Monday night it was hard to expect that a pitcher who struggled so mightily in Spring Training would be so successful. Right out of the gate, Nova...
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Too early to worry about Teixeira

Teixeira has battled slow starts in April his entire career. He has hit twenty less homers in April than in any other month on the calendar. Historically, Mark Teixeira has a .767 OPS if you combine all his Aprils. His lowest other month is .899. Unfortunately, the first baseman has been through this before. His history was somewhat forgotten because last season, Teixeira had an OPS of .941 in April. It was his best month of the season (though he hit ten homers in May). Perhaps you can build a case of concern in that Teixeira had an OPS of .790 in the second half of last season and hasn’t started this season well. You could logically build a case that Teixeira’s OPS has declined for in each of his seasons in New York after beginning his Yankee career at .948 in 2009.

You could also tie it to the same dip in offense in all of the major leagues from 2009.…

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