Prospect Profile: Nik Turley

Turley hit his first real hurdle in 2010, when he struggled at times in Staten Island, when he went 4-4 with a 4.38 ERA in 61 innings of work.  Nevertheless, the young southpaw started last season in Charleston and were he seemed to be opening some eyes.  He had a 2.51 ERA in fifteen starts and had a career-high 82 strikeouts, while allowing just 21 walks.  Turley was promoted to Tampa in July, where he made two appearances and was off to a bit of a rocky start before his season was abruptly ended.

During his second start with Tampa, Turley put a pitch down the middle of the plate and the batter sent it right back at him.  With little time to react and a line drive coming for his face, Turley threw his hands up attempting to at least block his face if he couldn’t catch the ball.  While he succeeded at that, he was left with a broken bone in his pitching hand, ending his season.… Click here to read the rest

Ivan Nova’s good is good enough

What Nova does well for the Yankees is not without precedent. He is in the same mold as Chien-Ming Wang and Andy Pettitte. Neither of those two were ever among the leaders as pitchers, they were just good enough to pile up the wins. Pettitte has pitched his particular brand of “good” for so long that there will be a Hall of Fame debate. But we all know that Andy Pettitte has never been an elite pitcher just like Wang in his good years with the Yankees was not elite. The skills they possessed while Yankees is the same as Nova’s: Keep the team in the game, bend and don’t break and pile up the wins. Here is a breakdown of some areas we can compare between the three:

  • Pettitte with the Yankees: 3.88 ERA, 1.357 WHIP, 9.5 hits per nine innings, 0.8 homers per nine, .635 winning percentage.
  • Wang with Yankees: 4.10 ERA, 1.339 WHIP, 9.3 hits per nine innings, 0.6 homers per nine, .679 winning percentage.
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Just Say “No” To Raul Ibanez In The Outfield

(The following is being syndicated from An A-Blog for A-Rod)

As important as it is for the Yankees to keep their key veteran players healthy this season, and as much as I want to see guys like Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez get regular rest to avoid wear and tear and trips to the DL, I was a little surprised to see Eduardo Nunez starting at shortstop in the second game of the season while Jeter got a DH day on Saturday.  I was even more surprised to see Raul Ibanez in the lineup in right field Sunday while Nick Swisher got a DH day.  Seeing as how both Jeter and Swish are coming off of Spring Training injuries, it’s perfectly understandable that Joe would want to err on the side of caution early in the season and give them a day off from the field.  That being said, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t against the idea of Ibanez getting regular time in the field this season at the expense of healthy, better defensive options. … Click here to read the rest

Selective Sabermetrics & Steve Berthiaume

Justifying the “eliteness” of 2012 rotations using 2011 statistics is probably fallacious from the start. Consider how many players in the above rotations have been effected this offseason by changing teams, changing leagues, dealing with injuries, aging, etc. A team like Texas doesn’t make Berthiaume’s list because they have four pitchers who didn’t spend all of 2011 in a major-league rotation and two pitchers who didn’t spend any of 2011 in a major-league rotation. Does that mean they aren’t “elite”?

Don’t mistake this as a Steve Berthiaume attack. I applaud Berthiaume apparent interest in sabermetrics, as well as his eye for the game. Most hosts are as bland as they are handsome. Berthiaume possesses a genuine curiosity mixed with a healthy skepticism and a willingness to forward interesting and unconventional arguments. But this is the second time in recent memory he’s founded an argument upon a single, highly suspect piece of evidence. That’s punditry, not analysis.… Click here to read the rest

Extension parade continues, should the Yankees claim a spot?

On the other hand, there aren’t a ton of extension candidates on the current roster, as several core players are already signed to long term deals, or deals that will take them into their forties, while the rest are, by and large, not obviously good bets to extend. Martin appears to prefer testing free agency, and at this point it’s hard to blame him, especially after Yadier Molina got the kind of contract he did without even reaching the open market. Nick Swisher‘s contract expires after this year, but he seems likely to be playing elsewhere in 2013, unless he signs a one year deal or accepts a fairly large pay cut. Curtis Granderson is a tougher case, but as I’ve said before, giving Grandy a new contract now probably wouldn’t be the best approach. He’d be 33 years old in the first year of a new contract, meaning the new deal would be comprised almost entirely of decline years, and the Yankees have multiple potential centerfielders in the lower levels of their minor league system.… Click here to read the rest

Ivan’s and Phil’s first starts by Pitch f/x


The two youngest members of the Yankees’ rotation pitched in the last two days, with Phil Hughes going on Sunday, losing to the Rays, and Ivan Nova throwing last night against the O’s, helping to notch the team’s first win of the 2012 season. Hughes looked fantastic at times, but couldn’t make it out of the 5th because of a high pitch count. Nova, on the other hand, pitched deep into the game, scattering 10 hits in 7 innings, allowing 2 runs and zero (!) walks, while striking out 7 Baltimore batters.

Hughes did something in Tampa on Sunday that’s definitely encouraging he threw 15 changeups, something he’s been working on seemingly forever. Per Brooks, they didn’t necessarily land for strikes a lot, but he did get 2 swinging strikes on them and did throw them while behind in the count at times. Sorry for a moment of grandiosity, but this is the pitch that could make or break Phil’s starting pitching career.… Click here to read the rest

Nova carries Yankees to first victory of 2012

As for Nova, he was rarely in trouble, and seemed to have little trouble getting out of it when he was. The Orioles put runners on the corners with no one out in the third, put Nova got J.J. Hardy to strikeout swinging, then induced a ground ball from Nick Markakis that the Yankees’ defense turned into an inning ending double play. In the fourth, Matt Wieters struck again for a one out double, but Nova again induced a swinging strikeout, this time from Mark Reynolds, for the second out before Eduardo Nunez made a fantastic play to take an RBI away from Wilson Betemit and end the inning. The Orioles finally did get to Nova a little bit in the 7th when Betemit and Chris Davis hit back to back doubles to lead off the inning, but Nova retired the next three batters in order to snuff out the rally in its crib and end his day on a high note.… Click here to read the rest

Nightly Links: Recap, Stoneburner, PANIC!

Tonight, the Yankees won 6-2 to the Orioles for their first win of the year.

Ivan the Stopper
This spring, no one was worse than Ivan Nova, who had an 8.06 ERA through 22.1 innings. After less than quality starts from CC Sabathia and Hiroki Kuroda, and a strong but short outing from Phil Hughes, the team called upon the 25 year old right handed pitcher to stop their losing streak and win their first game of the year. In the first inning, Nova looked like a different pitcher. According to both the stadium radar gun and Gameday, Nova was sitting 94 and topping out at 96. In the second inning, Nova started mixing in his breaking pitches, and quickly learned that his changeup was not on tonight when Matt Wieters hit the perfect meatball for a homerun. Aside from Wieters, Nova sat 94, and later 93, with his fastball and was drawing plenty of swings and misses on his slider.… Click here to read the rest

The Farm Report: 4/9/12

Adam Warren lasted just three innings, giving up six earned runs on seven hits, four walks and a homer.  Pat Venditte came in for Warren and did a solid job in the middle innings. He threw three scoreless innings, allowing just one hit and one walk, while picking up four Ks.  Dewayne Wise had a big day, going 3-4 with a couple runs scored, a double, a homer and a RBI.  Chris Dickerson and Steve Pearce were the other Empire State players to pick up multiple hits, but they were unable to bring in runs or score.

Trenton beat Portland 8-3:
The Thunder’s offense got to work early on Monday, as Abraham Almonte led off with a single and stole second.  Jose Pirela doubled to left and David Adams and Zoilo Almonte hit back-t0-back singles.  A single from Melky Mesa was followed by a walk to Cody Johnson.  Gustavo Molina rounded out the scoring, as he drove a single to right and Trenton took a 4-0 lead.  … Click here to read the rest