Our Expectations for Baby Rockets

April twenty-fifth, twenty twelve is no doubt a date which shall live in infamy within the Yankees Universe. Early that afternoon, news broke that Michael Pineda had suffered a labrum tear and would miss the rest of the season. The situation could have been worse – rotator cuff damage has effectively ended careers and...

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Previewing Yankees Vs. Tigers: Great Expectations

Verlander, of course, is the Tigers’ undisputed ace: during the offseason, the Tigers acquired the rights to Prince Fielder, paying him a giant dump truck load of cash (I hear that he asked to be paid uniquely by dump trucks dropping cash onto his lawn, and that the base unit of currency in his contract is the “dump truck”—he’s making about 50 dump trucks a year for ten years). Prince Fielder can hit. But he really can’t play anywhere except first base; which is a problem, because the Tigers already had a first baseman, 2010 AL MVP Miguel Cabrera (who’s also pretty good at hitting).

But here’s the trick: Justin Verlander might have some serious trouble living up to the perception we have of him this season because of the Tigers offense. At this point, we all know how incredible he was last season: 25-5 with a 2.40 ERA and a 2.99 FIP. There are a couple things that make me think that Verlander, no matter how incredible he was last year (and he was incredible), might shake our perception of him this season: first off, he was aided last season by an absolutely miniscule .236 Batting Average on Balls In Play—about 50 points lower than his career average, and 20 points lower than it had ever been in his career.…

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PITCHf/x Scouting Report: Justin Verlander

Gregory Shamus/Getty Images North America

Over the last couple of games, the Yankees have hit an odd patch of offensive trouble, scoring only 3 runs between their last 2 games. Things won’t get much easier Friday evening, as the Tigers send out...

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Stronger than Dirt

Tidrow came to the Yankees via one of the best trades in the team’s history. The trade happened on April 26, 1974, 38 years ago from this very date! In the deal, the Yankees got Tidrow, Chris Chambliss and Cecil Upshaw from the Cleveland Indians for Steve Kline, Fred Beene, Fritz Peterson and Tom Buskey. Peterson was the only “name” the Yanks traded in the deal and he was pretty well broken down by then. Tidrow’s first year with the team was mostly as a starter. The next three seasons, he was mostly a relief pitcher. He would be mostly a starter again in 1978. The Yankees would trade Tidrow to the Cubs for Ray Burriss. That was a bad trade as Burriss didn’t do anything for the Yankees. In 1976, Tidrow pitched for the Yankees mostly from the bullpen. He made only two spot starts during the season and pitched seven innings both times and only allowed two runs in each.…

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The Farm Report: April 26, 2012

Trenton lost to Erie 9-2:
Erie leapt out to a huge lead before a Thunder player even touched a bat.  Niuman Romero singled and Craig Heyer hit the next batter with a pitch.  Back-to-back walks loaded the bases and pushed in the first run of the game.  A force out gave the Thunder their second out of the inning, but allowed the second run to score.  Two doubles and a pair of singles kept the runs coming for Erie, who held a 7-0 lead after the top of the first.  Yadil Mujica singled in the third and scored on a double from Abraham Almonte, but Trenton continued to struggle to put together a rally.  Erie added runs in the eighth and ninth, but in the end Trenton was unable to put together much offense, taking a 9-2 loss.  Heyer calmed down after his horrible first inning.  He went five innings and allowed seven runs on eight hits, four walks and a hit by pitch.  …

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