Alex Rodriguez – middle-of-the-road player

In fact, despite his lack of power this season, he is currently tied for sixth among ranking third baseman. That is hardly middle-of-the-road. And last year, in only 99 games, A-Rod was the fourth most valuable third baseman in baseball. I wouldn’t call that middle-of-the-road. Put him down around the fifteenth best, and we could talk. His current wOBA is only twelve points behind Miguel Cabrera. In other words, A-Rod is holding his own and he has not gotten hot yet or started to hit for power. And who is to say he won’t?

Look, I understand that A-Rod will never earn his current contract. So that is not even worth talking about. That was a Yankees’ mistake, not A-Rods. All of us would have signed that puppy. And I also understand that many will never give A-Rod any kind thoughts because of the PED thing. And there is little doubt that until the last couple of years, A-Rod was a bit of a misanthrope. Got it. But let’s get a couple of things straight. First, A-Rod lost a third of his season last year to injuries. Second, a season is a war, not a few battles. You can’t judge any player by where they are after 40+ games. If A-Rod stays healthy and plays 145 games, then talk to me after the season is over. If he finishes the season with a .404 slugging percentage like he has now, then we’ll have a cold beverage and agree with each other. But until then, stating that A-Rod is a middle-of-the-road player is just plain silly.

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7 thoughts on “Alex Rodriguez – middle-of-the-road player

  1. I read a Wallace Mathews article once. Made me wonder why anyone would read two. Good point about Alex though Will. The reports of his death have been greatly exaggerated, and I think the power will come around.

  2. Wallace Matthews is a middle-of-the-road writer. His WAR (writer above replacement) is 0.0

  3. Sigh: espnny.

    Much of perceived offensive struggles are seemingly augmented by the leaguewide decline in scoring since 2007, starkly since 2009. .400 wOBA hitters are no longer dime a dozen. An OBP of .380 is more or less elite and if Alex can slap some doubles and YS HR with solid defense, hell be among league leaders.

  4. Yankee fans will not admit the truth. The truth is that A-Rod was great due to steroids point blank period. Without steroids there is no A-Rod to begin with. His contract was based on steroid stats. He his just like Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens Mark Mcquireand all the other steroid users. Face it Yankee fans, you have been tricked and bamboozled like all baseball fans.

    • This would make more sense if arguably his best offensive season (2007) hadn't come after baseball started testing for steroids.

  5. Wally Matthews = Silly. Always has, always will. And as far as A-Rod being great solely due to steroids, that's not really true. Steroids do not take someone with no talent and turn them into a superstar. Barry Bonds was a Hall of Famer and succumbed to the temptation because he wanted a payday just like Sosa, McGwire and the rest. As did A-Rod. The unfortunate thing is that both of them were Hall of Famers regardless and now their legacy in tainted. You wish they could have followed the Ken Griffey, Jr. model and stayed clean. Last time I looked, Griffey wasn't tainted by steroids and is consequently respected and admired. As he should be. Too bad Bonds and Alex couldn't have followed suit.