Game 48-Hot pitcher vs team on a roll

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They say that momentum in baseball is tomorrow’s starting pitcher. That theory will get a test today as Phil Hughes, who is 3-1 with a 2.81 ERA in his past 4 starts facing a red-hot Angels team that has won 6 in a row. But the Angels have done it with pitching, scoring 26 runs over that span (4.33 R/G) while allowing just 10 (1.66 R/G). For his career, the Angels haven’t been a very good match up for Sir Phillip of Hughes. He’s 3-2 with a 7.61 ERA in 7 games (4 starts). In those 4 starts he’s had only had one quality outing (4-15-2010 5 IP 2 ER) while the rest have been pretty ugly, allowing 5 or more runs and pitching as few as 3.1 IP this past April. But its a small sample, so let’s see what Phil can do tonight.


29 thoughts on “Game 48-Hot pitcher vs team on a roll

  1. The bats are lumbering…now they just have to get some runs out of it.

  2. Now Weaver has a no-hitter and a no-outer in the same season. Wonder if that’s been done before.

  3. 0 for 4 w/RISP, yet they score two runs! This does not bode well. Hughes needs to shut them down in the bottom of the 1st.

    • They’ve been winning, and hitting better, but they haven’t picked up the RISP.

    • I wouldn’t complain if they got him out of the league at this point. He’s had a few decent games, but I’m so tired of him.

      • I think he could help out in the pen. I bet he’s gone by end of the year, part of a deal before the trade deadline.

        • I wouldn’t object to the pen. I wouldn’t object to a trade. I wouldn’t object to anything. I have no desire to defend him anymore.

      • Hughes looks like he’s throwing batting practice. They should bring out Phelps for the 3rd inning if they want any chance of winning this game.

  4. The Yanks really need this win tonight since both TB and Balt lost. They could get within 2 games of both of them.

  5. Swish should have backed off. I wonder if he could hear Granderson? Get Hughes out before he hurts someone.

  6. Pujols looks rather sloppy at 1st base tonight. That’s the 2nd throw he should have had.

    • Are you talking about the error on the pitcher that one-hopped past Pujols? I thought he should have had it until I saw the replay, and I think he was afraid of Ibanez hitting his arm. Can’t really blame him for that.

  7. good thing we traded montero and kept martin at 7.5mil..or we be in trouble..and swisher will hit that 600 foot homer

  8. Finally Hughes exists, only 4+ innings too late. But this is where not having Mo and Robertson hurts having to bring in Eppley into a game only down by 1 rub.