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10 thoughts on “Pat Venditte has torn labrum in one of his throwing shoulders

  1. Shame. I saw him in Trenton in 2010. He fooled a few lefties and SHB turned around. It was fun. I get the knock on him, but it would have been nice to see him in the Bronx if and only for a September call-up.

  2. "In one of his throwing shoulders"? Unless he has third shoulder, I think the clarification wasn't needed.

      • I think Mister D meant the clase "throwing" shoulder wasn't needed.. just shoulder would have sufficed as they're BOTH throwing shoulders..
        damn shame though.

    • I was joking around, obviously if he hurts a shoulder it's a throwing shoulder.

  3. It is a big disappointment. I know he's never been viewed as much of a true prospect, but watching him work his way through the minors has been fun and I'd love to see him get a shot at the big leagues. It will be interesting to see how he approaches this and how it impacts his chances.

  4. Can't he be a loogy? Like just pitch to one batter every ten days or so?

  5. What side is he better from? If he's significantly better from one or the other, it would make a difference in deciding what to do.

    • His right-handed stuff is a little better, but left-handed batters generally have a harder time hitting lefty pitchers, so his effectiveness is about equal, though evenly balanced switch-hitters can give him the most trouble.