Yankees season frustrating to say the least

And the list of frustrating events continues to mount. Phil Hughes throws this straight fastball and is either moderately successful or crashes and burns spectacularly. Derek Jeter, after an unbelievable start, has had the predictable regression and has a pedestrian .699 OPS for the month of May and has hit into six double plays this month. And yet he still second of the regulars in wOBA. While it is nice that all things considered, Jeter is having a fine season, if, with this offense, he is second on the team in wOBA, the team has a problem.

And yes, the Yankees can score runs in bunches. The team has scored six or more runs in 21 different contests. They have lost only one of those games. But they have also scored two runs or less in sixteen contests and have only won two of those. They are still without a win in games without hitting a homer. They are 0-11 in such contests. The Yankees were 20-24 in such games last season.

And we haven’t even talked about the pitching yet. Well, Phil Hughes was mentioned. But make no mistake about it, the starting rotation has not been very good. Just look at the homers per nine inning rates. When a homer per nine innings is considered on the high side, here is how the starters have fared: Sabathia (1.1), Kuroda (1.5), Nova (1.9), Hughes (2.1), Pettitte (1.9), Garcia (1.6) and Phelps (1.4). Those numbers are just killers. Only two teams in the American League have given up more homers than the Yankees.

Last year, the Yankees allowed 0.9 homers per nine innings and 8.8 hits per those same nine innings. This year, the team’s homers per nine sits at 1.3. The hits per nine sits at 9.2. The staff’s ERA of 4.11 pales in comparison to last year’s 3.73.

The silver lining here is that despite spinning around and going nowhere, the Yankees are still only two and a half games behind in the American League East. The law of averages seems to indicate that the pathetic bases loaded situation will turn itself around. The pitching staff will sort itself out. This still feels like a team that can get on a roll. They just need a few more big hits in key situations and the pitching staff needs to keep the ball in the yard. Despite playing mediocre baseball, the Yankees are still right within striking distance and only a hot streak away from getting back on top. Perhaps that is wishful thinking. Perhaps not. The next couple of months will tells us.

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William Tasker grew up in Bergenfield, New Jersey but has lived in New England since 1975 and in the far reaches of northern Maine since 1990. Tasker is the author of nine (non-baseball related) books and, besides writing here for three years, has written for his own site at www.passion4baseball.blogspot.com since 2003.

5 thoughts on “Yankees season frustrating to say the least

  1. "Despite playing mediocre baseball, the Yankees are still right within striking distance …"

    Yes they are – both playing mediocre baseball, AND within striking distance. No matter what else anyone says about it, dividing the American League up into 3 divisions gives a lot of teams hope – whether its warranted or not. Back in the day, when it was just the AL – the Yankees would currently be in 6th place, and only 1 game ahead of the EIGHTH place team.

    Being in third, only 2.5 back sure sounds a lot better. ;) The only thing stranger is that the Yankees have to look forward to their games with Boston – not so they can gain ground in the division, but so they can beat up on a "patsy."

    • But, on the other hand, have you SEEN the AL East? The Pythagorean expectations alone are… astounding. On a strict W/L basis, only five teams (of 15) are ahead of the Yankees: TEX (legit beast), TAM/BAL (same division) and CHW (having played 1 more game) and CLE (1 game behind). The AL East has five teams in positlve run differential — the LAST place team having a better differential than any other team in the AL except the 4th place team (in the same division!) and TEX and CHW. BAL is awesome on the road and so-so at home; TAM is awesome at home and so-so on the road.

      This season is madness.

  2. If the O's can keep it up somewhat and the Sawx continue to play better, this could make for the most interesting divisional race ever with 5 teams hanging around. I wouldn't be surprised to enter the last month of play with all 5 teams in the east at .500 or better and all within a few games of each other. And then whichever 2 teams can catch fire in September will take the division and wild card. Also possible a savvy deadline acquisition or 2 could tip the scales in a certain team's favor.

  3. the season was frustrating for Cardinals fans last year too. I'll take frustrating regular season and great post season over cruising all summer and getting bounced in the first round anyday

  4. It would help if our ownership wasn't so greedy. Letting Roy Oswalt slip away without a fight is a disgrace.