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9 thoughts on “MLB “looking into” Martin/Diaz spat

  1. " Either way, it would represent an unacceptable lack of professionalism and merits a fairly severe punishment, in my opinion."

    In my opinion, too – just ridiculous.

  2. Since when have the umpires been punished for their lack of professionalism? Joe West anyone?

    (of course that's a rhetorical question)

  3. You know this isn't an isolated incident. Diaz didn't dream up this move. Let's see how narrow the strike zone gets in games caught by Martin now. I wouldn't be shocked if the other umpires show some solidarity.

    • Maybe – except for the other umps that agree with the opinion that Diaz is a male member. You know – there ARE a few decent ones – they're going to take offense at a "brother" ump making them all look like chumps…

      (I lived close to Don Denkinger – always thought he was a stand-up guy. They're not ALL bad.)

  4. I don't really understand your vantage point that umpires should never throw balls back to the pitcher. It certainly speeds things up a bit if an umpire has a decent arm for him to put balls back in play, rather than to have to hand them to the catcher. I don't recall ever seeing an umpire throw one away when throwing it back, so it seems safe to assume he umpires who do so are decent at it.

    On the other hand, if the catcher specifically requests it, I don't see why he wouldn't accommodate him. Personally, I suspect there's something between these two guys that pre-dates Wednesday night's incident, especially considering it's Laz Diaz, but also considering Martin felt it necessary to complaih about this to the media.

    • I don’t remember the teams/pitchers, but I do remember a few years ago seeing an umpire toss one back to the pitcher who was on the mound area, and the throw went just a little bit wide. The pitcher instinctively stabbed at it and stumbled a little on the mound, and I remember chuckling to myself at the you-know-what-storm that would have ensued if the pitcher had hurt his ankle/knee/back catching a poor throw from the umpire.

      I guess maybe the better way to say it is that I would never throw a ball to the pitcher if I were an umpire, because it seems like a disaster waiting to happen (or at least something that’s a non-issue up to the point that a disaster does happen). But obviously they should not be doing it if the catcher/team requests that they let the catcher do the throwing.

      • Fair enough, although there are plenty of non-players whose jobs can have an effect on players. Just ask Vince Coleman.