Game 44: Let’s Go Streaking

With the ups and downs that this team has suffered thus far, it almost seems unfair to pile on injury news on the heels of their first win in what felt like an eternity … but Austin Romine is out until “at least July” due to an inflamed disk in his back. While...

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For Hughes: Regression, or Improvement?

(Photo by Nick Laham/Getty Images)

Phil Hughes is having a tremendous month of May. The 25-year-old, who left April a weak link in a weakening New York rotation, is 3-2 with a 3.45 ERA in five starts over the past three...

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Alex Rodriguez – middle-of-the-road player

In fact, despite his lack of power this season, he is currently tied for sixth among ranking third baseman. That is hardly middle-of-the-road. And last year, in only 99 games, A-Rod was the fourth most valuable third baseman in baseball. I wouldn’t call that middle-of-the-road. Put him down around the fifteenth best, and we could talk. His current wOBA is only twelve points behind Miguel Cabrera. In other words, A-Rod is holding his own and he has not gotten hot yet or started to hit for power. And who is to say he won’t?

Look, I understand that A-Rod will never earn his current contract. So that is not even worth talking about. That was a Yankees’ mistake, not A-Rods. All of us would have signed that puppy. And I also understand that many will never give A-Rod any kind thoughts because of the PED thing. And there is little doubt that until the last couple of years, A-Rod was a bit of a misanthrope.…

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Who is Will Smith and why is he pitching tonight?

For one thing, Luis Mendoza is the kind of pitcher that drives the Yankees’ batters nuts. He is a ground ball machine with a 2.42 ground ball to fly ball ratio. In other words, he pitches like Derek Jeter hits. As a right-handed pitcher against lefty hitters the Yankees have that like to yank the ball to the right side, Mendoza had a far better shot at succeeding than Will Smith with those ground ball rates. William Michael “Will” Smith is a 22 year old kid from Newnan, Georgia, the Angels signed right out of high school back in 2007. The Angels selected him in the 40th Round of the draft. So it’s not like he was this prized prospect. He is a big guy at six foot, five inches and he weighs 240 pounds. He will have quite a presence on the mound. But is he any good?

Smith has had success in the minors for the Angels and Royals with a .594 winning percentage in five years in the minors for those teams.…

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Offense still thin but Hughes, bullpen win it for Yankees

The offense still remained toothless for the Yankees and the tone was set early. Hochevar has taken his share of lumps from the Yankees over the years and the first inning has been his trouble spot all season. He quickly fell behind Derek Jeter, who led off the bottom of the first, 3-0 and was not close with any of the pitches. But then Hochevar threw three perfect sinkers on the outside corner at the knees to strike Jeter out. Thus, the first batter of the game for the Yankees raises the question of whether the Yankees simply cannot hit or are facing an extraordinary run by the pitchers they face. Jeter’s strikeout was a microcosm of that debate. Hochevar could not have thrown three better pitches.

Hughes had an easy time of it through the first two innings, retiring the side in order in both frames. But he ran into trouble in the top of the third. Irving Falu led off the inning with a single.…

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