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5 thoughts on “Yankees’ war on StubHub continues

  1. Not sure if I fully understand how all this works, but here is a story. I live in LA and was trying to get tickets to Yankees/Angels on Memorial Day (only game I could make it to this year.) I stupidly played chicken with StubHub waiting for the prices to go down after reading an article about how you can almost always get it cheaper by waiting. 2.5 hours to game time and there are over 1000 tickets available. 2 hours to game time and I wasn't able to buy a ticket. They shut it down 2 hours before the event. Call the stadium, they tell me they don't have 4 seats together. I miss them the only time I would have gotten to see them this year (normally they make it out twice, and it's usually over the weekend.) Meanwhile, there are roughly 1000 tickets for the game floating around that won't be used. There are plenty of people buying these tickets up from real fans just to resell them and make money, and it's a pain in the ass.

    In the end, Hughes got lit up and we lost on a walkoff, but that's besides the point!

  2. Can someone please explain how this works? Isn't StubHub only used for people who want to resell tickets already purchased from the team?

  3. Think "fan-friendly would fit very well in here, in the sense that Levine meant it to be taken. http://www.newspeakdictionary.com/ns-dict.html

    The question is: are there enough people capable of blackwhite to fall for these lies?

    Every time I re-read or reconsider 1984, I fear for modern society a little bit more!

  4. I don't understand this either. If the Yankees "drop" StubHub, won't anyone who has a ticket still be able to sell it on StubHub? How will this change anything?

  5. Maybe if the Yankees would adjust the cost of tickets so it more accurately reflected market value, they wouldn't be having this problem. It's really ridiculous for them to think that someone is going to pay the same amount of money for a Friday-Sat-Sun series against the Sox as they would for a Mon-Tue-Wed series vs the Royals.