It took three years, but MLB finally got my point

Oh again, for memory’s sake, what I suggested MLB say, but they didn’t:

“While we recognize the current CBA allows for players who have tested positive for PED’s will be eligible for the All Star Game and any seasonal awards, we are requesting a meeting with the leaders of the MLBPA after the season ends. We hope that we can agree to amend the CBA so that the spirit of the game matches the rules of the game.”

Of course they didn’t at the time. At least they caught up now.



Warning: Mini rant ahead…feel free to ignore.

Things have changed a bit since 2009. We’re still talking about Roger Clemens and dirty syringes, sadly, but we’re a heckuvalot further along with our thinking about PEDs and the game (at least I want to think so). However… regardless of your stance on PEDs in the game and whatnot, it’s hard to argue against this rule change. The rest of the amended rules are also seemingly reasonable and seek to close loopholes exposed in Le Affair Braun, as buddy Craig noted here, although there is no discussion of DUI’s.

Of course, guys like Jeff Bagwell are being kept out of the HOF not because they admitted using PED’s, or been accused of using, or been named in The Mitchell Report, but simply part of a “guilt by association” or “he got really strong so he must have used” whisper-fest. Maybe we really  haven’t come that far after all.

I’ve been banging my chest on a few off-the-field things since I started writing online at the very end of 2007. One is the shattered bats. The other is the All Star Game. One of them is mostly meaningless, yet we continue to get all wrinkly when we see things that confound us and don’t make much sense. The other remains a problem and like these rule changes above, nothing will be done until something catastrophic happens.

Part of my ASG rants and rules change suggestions has been implemented. Finally. Now, let’s address my last ASG ranty-rant:

You cannot have a game that counts with a selection process that is fit for an exhibition. It’s dumb.

And once someone is seriously wounded at the wrong end of a shattered bat, you know who is going to be yelling the loudest. This guy. The same guy who has been yelling the loudest for years.

/end rant.

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9 thoughts on “It took three years, but MLB finally got my point

  1. …"at least you got the total conciousness thing, so you got that going for you…"

  2. I'm a new fan to IIATMS (more so after ESPN dropped it from their website), and have only been reading it for a few months so I don't know what your previous posts talked about in regards to shattered bats. I have heard talk about it over the years but am not fully up on the issue (aside from the danger). What is the reason for so many shattered bats? Is it the type of wood (I think I heard it was maple or ash) or has the overall quality diminished? What is the difference between bats of today's baseball and bats from yesteryear? Obviously this wasn't a big issue back in the day (I guess I am talking about the 50s to the 70s?). Aside from going aluminum, which, from what I have read, is also a bad idea and should be removed from the game as well, what is your solution/recommendation? I am really very curious and interested in learning more about this issue. Thanks and great post, as is all IIATMS posts. I think I have learned more about baseball/Yankees baseball in just my few months reading here then I can say I have learned anywhere else!

    • DJ, thanks for the kind note. Not clarify, I left ESPN; they did not drop me. The break up was completely amicable and for the most part, I don't have anything bad to say about my two year run there. I'm very proud of that whole thing.

      Thanks also for the kind words about the site. The team here really does their best to bring you their best thoughts and analysis and news possible. There are lots of places to read and we thank you for coming here.

      As for the bats, try here first: There should be enough to explain everything. And if not, just ask. Happy to talk about it.

      • Thanks Jason and thanks for the ESPN clarification. I truly apologize for my totally erroneous assumption. It was at ESPN where I got turned on to IIATMS, and I'm glad I did. Also, thanks for the link.
        Best regards,

  3. "But Kuroda, using a nasty sinker all night in combination with a live fastball and a biting slider, SHATTERED David Wright’s bat and the bouncing ball was converted into a double play by Alex Rodriguez."

    Excerpt taken from a NY Times article written by David Waldstien on today's Yankees vs Mets game.

    I capitalized the word "shattered" to support the link Jason sent me and the story above. I guess David Wright's use of the questionable bats is part of the grandfather clause.

    Good thing nobody was hurt by the shattered bat and as Jason said, the issue won't be addressed until someone, sadly, is.

    Although it is fantastic about the back-to-back-to-back homers, hit by Cano, Swisher and Jones, doesn't anyone agree it is time for Girardi to reconsider his batting line up? Shouldn't it be Cano or Granderson hitting in the cleanup spot? It is my personal opinion (for what it is worth), that the Yankees would not be leaving so many men on base if the batting order was changed. I'm sorry Alex, you are still a great player but, you should not be batting cleanup.