Some random fun with Yankee numbers

  • Yankee batters have a combined OPS+ of 111 (highest in AL). Yankee pitchers have a combined ERA+ of 111 (second highest in AL).
  • Yankee pitchers have given up 8.86 hits per nine innings. Yankee batters have averaged 8.98 hits per nine innings.
  • Alex Rodriguez is tied for the team lead in stolen bases…with Eduardo Nunez. Both have had six.
  • Yankee batters have a 1.7 home run to GIDP ratio.
  • The Yankees lead the American League in homers and are seventh in doubles. But they have hit only four triples all season, lowest in the AL.
  • The Yankees are third in the American League in sacrifice flies with 18.
  • The Yankees are second in the American League in being hit with a pitch with 24. Half of those are A-Rod (6) and Russell Martin (6).
  • Yankee starting pitchers have an average game score of 51. The league average is 50.
  • The highest game score for a starting pitcher this season has been Andy Pettitte with an 82.
  • Yankee starters have pitched an average of 6.2 innings per start. The league average is 5.9.
  • Yankee relievers have allowed 19 percent of inherited runners to score. The league average is 29 percent.
  • The Yankees have thrown out thirty percent of base runners attempting to steal. The league average is 27 percent.
  • Hiroki Kuroda has been on the mound for ten stolen bases for the other team. No other Yankee pitcher is over four. There have been no stolen bases while Phil Hughes pitches.
  • Yankee pitchers have a first pitch strike percentage of 61 percent. The league average is 59 percent.
  • Mark Teixeira leads Yankee batters with a WPA+ of 5.2.
  • Andruw Jones and Robinson Cano have the lowest clutch scores of Yankee batters at -0.7.
  • Yankee batters have a strikeout looking percentage of 26 percent. The league average is 24 percent.
  • Yankee batters see less strikes (61 percent) than the league average (63 percent).
  • 51 percent of Nick Swisher‘s hits have gone for extra bases. The team is at 38 percent. The league average is 34 percent.
  • Yankee batters have a combined line drive percentage of 19 percent. The league average is 18 percent.
  • The Yankees have the highest fielding percentage of any team in baseball. But they are rated as 20th of 30 teams in defensive efficiency.
  • Yankee fielders are 26th in the majors in assists. 25th in putouts.
  • New York shortstops are 26th in the majors in total chances and 26th in assists.
  • Yankee pitchers have thrown the the third fewest walks in the American League and the third highest number of strikeouts.
  • Only Oakland A’s pitchers have hit fewer opposing batters than Yankee pitchers have.
  • The Yankees team pitching WHIP of 1.308 is almost dead on league average of 1.304.
  • The Yankees have the highest pitchers’ strikeout to walk ratio in the American League at 2.84.
  • Yankee batters are tied for the fewest sacrifice bunts in the American League.

Okay. Play time is over. I have work to do.

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  1. That last one surprises me a bit given the narrative that played out last season. (I'm not complaining, mind you, just still surprised about it.)