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9 thoughts on “Introducing the rumor mill

  1. Great new feature! This time of year, as well as early freee agency time, I live on the ESPN rumor mill mink. Keep it going!

  2. I heard there was a swap of "disappointing" 1B in the works and LAA will send Pujols to the Yankees for Teixeira in the works! #yourtradeproposalsucks

  3. In all seriousness, I feel like this is one of those deadlines where ANYTHING can happen. Looking at things now… what happens if Phillies are sellers? Or the Red Sox? Could Morneau (1y left after this year?) move from MIN? Would Theo do a "godfather deal" with BOS to get them back in the race, similar to McHale sending Garnett to the Celtics?

    With payroll considerations, top-tier teams dropping into selling mode, etc. this could get interesting quickly.

  4. Great feature, I also love (and hate) the rumor mill at this time of year.

    One suggestion, can you fix the "Next/Previous" post links to only cycle through the rumor mill posts? That would make it so much easier to read and participate in the discussions. Thanks!

      • The theoretical coding structure would be "check category" then "populate next link" but all links use the same format (vs. categories which look different), so unless there's some under-the-cover page marker, you're probably right. It was a good idea though!