Rivera finally has surgery on torn ACL

7 thoughts on “Rivera finally has surgery on torn ACL

  1. jay_robertson

    Good news – I'm holding out for freaky quick healing – if Joba can come back this year, so can Mo. :D

  2. David

    Without getting into too much of a spiritual area (since that tends to inspire flame wars here :p), I do tend to believe in a fate/connectedness thing — and that without this knee injury, the blood clot would have been a really, really big deal in a negative way. So in a bizarre way, the torn ACL was potentially the best thing that could have happened.

    • ProfRobert

      Was the clot there all along? I had had the impress — based on nothing — that the injury somehow caused the clot (pressure building up from fluid or a tear in a blood vessel, etc.).

      • ProfRobert

        impression. I know grammar; I just can't type. Sorry.

        • David

          No, it's cool — from all indications, it was a mystery; they couldn't actually tell if it was because of the injury or if it was there all along and then detected when evaluated for the post-injury/pre-op session. Unless, of course, something's changed since I last read articles about it (which is always possible)! Also possible I misunderstood something in one of the original articles as well.

  3. Lefty

    From what I read, Mariano's timetable of return is not yet established as various reports says otherwise. According to his chiropractor, the team should not rush him back.

  4. marmanapert


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