Jeter, A-Rod and Swisher make player poll

It is always difficult to put much stock in these kinds of things. It is not surprising that Alex Rodriguez is not a popular player among players. For one, he makes more money than any of them. Then there was the Dallas Braden incident and the time an A-Rod shout caused a third baseman to drop a ball. Those things are not considered cool it seems. There is the PED thing. Occasionally, you will see a story that he is unpopular in the Yankees’ clubhouse. But things seem fine on the field, so who knows.

Nick Swisher finishing third is a surprise and it is not a surprise. Swisher plays with a lot of enthusiasm and fun. That makes him a darling of the Yankee fans and is not appreciated by opposing teams. Some of his celebrations for recent homers were considered inappropriate. His teammates seemed bemused with him. Any time you express joy in baseball at something you did well, it can be misinterpreted as showing the other team up. That, of course, is nonsense, but so are a lot of the unwritten rules that baseball seems to carry around.

As for Derek Jeter, the poll confirms that he is respected by players on other teams far more than he is in some baseball analytic circles. The meme of playing the game right nauseates a lot of people. But it seems to hold true for Jeter, at least in the eyes of his peers.

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3 thoughts on “Jeter, A-Rod and Swisher make player poll

  1. Wasn't this was the same poll last year that established exactly why AJ was loved in the clubhouse and backed up by everyone there (including Cash); I seem to recall ARod finishing FIRST last year and he was being interviewed in the clubhouse and he and AJ were just joking around — I think AJ was even making jokes like "Why aren't I on there, is the NY press not voting?" Totally deflecting everything from ARod and downplaying the whole thing.

    • Could be, David. I don't remember seeing that. But it wouldn't surprise me.

      • I looked it up — SI ran an "anonymous player" poll in 2011 for Most Overrated. ARod was 1st, Joba was 2nd and Jeter was 3rd. Joba was funny, but I remember in one of the video interviews that AJ was just totally cutting it up and defusing the whole thing (in the middle of being inconsistent and could have laid low)