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7 thoughts on “Cashman: Yankees not actively pursuing trade targets right now

  1. the yankees and the 200 million dollar payroll still want to make moves why dont they just buy another team

  2. I feel really bad for the other Billionaire owners ,especially the ones who profit from revenue sharing but don't put it back into their teams and could care less about their fans

  3. All the haters of the Yanks out there…..don't be jealous because the Steinbrenners actually care about their fans. It really is simple and ANY team can follow the formula for success:

    1) Spend money to retain your star players (as opposed to trading them in their walk years) so that a loyal fan base is created that will last for generations. Yankee fans get to follow the whole careers of Jeter, rivera etc. and in return spend lots of money buying tickets and merchendise/food at the stadium.

    2) Spend money on whatever is needed to win. If you win…..fans will come to the park and spend money on tickets, food, drinks, merchendise. If fans come to the games and watch on TV, advertisers will spend more money on ads.

    3) Further, if you win, the team will have more home games in the playoffs and maybe world series, which in turn leads to more money made in tickets, ads, food, drionks, merchendise…..which

    4) Leads to more profit for the owners….which leads to more money to spend on players who will help you win.

    Sick of hearing the crying. Why would anyone be a Royals, Pirates, Padres, Indians fan etc. when the owners make NO effort to win?????

  4. Cole Hamels, and Matt Garza look ABSOLUETLY SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! in pinstripes