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4 thoughts on “Yankees scout Astros’ Rodriguez

  1. I like Wandy in the National League, but he's made 25 interleague starts against AL teams and has an ERA of 5.09 with a WHIP of 1.446 WHIP to go along with a 1.33 homer per nine rate. He has fared poorly against the Rangers and Bay Rays. Not a good idea.

  2. OH for the love of…..can someone please remind the yankees to remember the past? When was the last time they had a successful trade for an n.l. pitcher? They just don't translate to the a.l. east

  3. Wandy would be a great pitcher in pinstripes, but would get lit up when it counts against BOS, TB, DET, and TEX wait until 2013 if they REALLY want him