Derek Jeter’s 38 greatest hits

  1. April 11, 2006 – The Yankees were off to a rough start at 3-4 and were down 7-4 against the Royals in the bottom of the eighth in Yankee Stadium II. The Yankees rallied with five runs in the bottom of that frame to win the game. The big blow was the game winner, a three-run homer by Derek Jeter with Bernie Williams and a young Robinson Cano on base.
  2. June 2, 2006 – The Yankees were in second  place, a half a game back from the leader. In a game against the Orioles at Baltimore, the Yankees were tied 3-3 in the top of the seventh and Jeter delivered a single to score Johnny Damon and put the Yankees up, 4-3. But Kyle Farsnworth blew the save in the bottom of the eighth to tie the game. So Jeter hit another single in the ninth to again plate Johnny Damon for the game winner.
  3. April 30, 2010 – Andy Pettitte had a rough start in this game and the Yankees were down, 4-2, in the fifth against Freddy Garcia and the White Sox. The Captain hit a two-run homer in the fifth to tie the game and then hit a triple in the seventh to plate two more for the game winner.
  4. September 15, 1997 – The Yankees were fighting to get into the playoffs and needed to beat the Red Sox. Jeter went three for four in the game. He scored the tying run earlier in the game after singling and then hit a single with two out in the bottom of the ninth to score Paul O’Neill to win the game.
  5. June 14, 2002 – The Yankees were playing an interleague contest against the Mets at Shea Stadium and the Mets held a one-run lead heading into the top of the ninth. Armando Benitez was an out away from getting the save. But Derek Jeter hit a single to score Thames to put the game into extra innings where Robin Ventura won it with a homer.
  6. July 23, 1999 – In a tough game against a very strong Cleveland Indians team, Jeter had gone without a hit in five at bats with three strikeouts. The game went into extra innings and in the top of the tenth, the Indians scored a run to go up in the game. Jeter came to the plate in the bottom of the tenth with two outs as the Yankees’ last hope. They had loaded the bases, but again, there were two out. Jeter split the gap in right-center scoring two of the runs and Jeter had a walk-off single.
  7. April 15, 2009 – The Yankees were 5-4 and in third place facing the Joe Maddon-led Tampa Bay Rays. The Rays held the advantage most of the game, but Jeter hit a double to lead off the eighth and scored the tying run. And then he singled in the ninth with two out to score Cody Ransom for the game winner.
  8. May 8, 2011 – The game was tied at four going into the seventh inning against the Texas Rangers. But Derek Jeter hit a homer off of Arthur Rhodes to put the Yankees up for good. The Yankees scored eight runs in the the seventh and eighth innings. One of the pitching victims for the Rangers was Cody Eppley who gave up six of the runs. Jeter went 4-6 in the game and hit two homers.
  9. July 31, 2005 – The Yankees were facing a tough Angels team. Both teams were in first place but the Angels had the better record. Despite Derek Jeter going 4-5 with a walk, the Yankees were down, 6-2, in the eighth and rallied to score four runs. Jeter’s single tied the game the Yankees eventually won in extra innings.
  10. May 12, 2001 – The Baltimore Orioles had fallen on hard times by 2001, but they had matched the Yankees with five runs each going into the bottom of the eighth. Josh Towers came on to pitch for the Orioles and got the first two batters to fly out to right without incident. But then Scott Brosius singled and Chuck Knoblauch singled. Jeter came up and had been held without a hit in the game. He hit a three-run homer to win the game.
  11. June 28, 2007 – Derek Jeter again victimized the Orioles, this time at Camden Yards. The Yankees were trailing, 6-4, in the sixth inning. The Yankees had tied the score earlier in the inning, but it looked like the Orioles were going to keep it there as there were two outs when Jeter came to the plate. But Jeter hit a single to plate the two winning runs and the Yankees won the game.
  12. August 20, 2006 – The Yankees were trailing in the top of the ninth at Fenway. The always tough, Jonathan Papelbon was on the mound. Melky Cabrera led off the inning with a double and went to third on a wild pitch. But then Papelbon struck out Bernie Williams and Johnny Damon and only needed to retire Jeter to preserve the win for the Red Sox. Jeter had other ideas and hit a single to right to score Melky and the Yankees won the game in extra innings.
  13. September 23, 2000 – This game was one of Jeter’s career bests as he went four for five and scored three runs. But despite the game he was having, Roger Clemens gave up six runs in the top of the fifth to give the visiting Tigers a 7-5 lead. That lead held up until the bottom of the seventh when Jeter hit a three-run homer to give the Yankees back the lead for good in the game.
  14. August 22, 1998 – This was a wild game against the Rangers in Arlington. The Yankees took the lead 2-0 on a Jeter single, but the game went back and forth as the Yankees eventually won, 12-8. Jeter went 3-5 with a walk  and scored three runs and drove in two, including the game winning run in the sixth.
  15. April 5, 2005 – Mariano Rivera gave up a homer in the top of the ninth to Jason Varitek to blow the save and tie the game. The Captain told his friend that it was no problem and problem hit a solo homer in the bottom of the ninth to win it.
  16. August 26, 1998 – This was another game where Mariano Rivera blew a save, this time against the Angels. Jeter hit a walk-off single in the bottom of the ninth to win the game.
  17. July 9, 2011 – This of course was the famous game where Derek Jeter reached 3,000 hits with a homer off of David Price. But few remember that of his five for five day, it was his single in the bottom of the eighth that won the game.
  18. June 3, 2000 – This was actually a loss to the Atlanta Braves in an interleague game. But you could hardly blame Jeter as he went four for four with two walks and three runs scored.
  19. April 30, 1998 – Jeter only went one for six in this game. But in the eleventh inning of a 2-2 game against the Toronto Blue Jays, Jeter hustling as he always does, reached on a bobble by the second baseman as the winning run scored.
  20. July 17, 2003 – The Yankees were trailing the Indians, 4-2, heading into the bottom of the eighth. Jeter came up with a runner on second with two out and hit a bomb to left-center to tie the game. Hideki Matsui won it with a homer in the ninth.
  21. May 18, 2001 – In a wild game with the then high-flying Seattle Mariners, Jeter was in the thick of everything with a two for six day. He drove in two and scored two, but the big play of the game was again a hustle play as he reached on an error by the second baseman as a run scored.
  22. September 16, 2007 – It was a classic match-up of Curt Schilling for Boston against Roger Clemens of the Yankees and it did not disappoint. The game was tied 1-1 in the top of the eighth and Schilling had given up two singles in the inning but had two outs and just needed to retire Jeter to get out of the jam. It didn’t happen. Jeter hit the ball over the Green Monster for a three-run homer and the Yankees held on to win, 4-3.
  23. August 28, 1998 – Jeter went two for three against the Angels with three walks in an eleven inning game. His final walk in the eleventh allowed him to score the winning run.
  24. September 5, 2004 – Another great game as Jeter again went two for three with two walks. He scored three times. His second walk led off the ninth and he scored the winning run.
  25. July 15, 2007 – In this game against the Devil Rays, the Yankees were behind in the fifth inning, 3-2, and Jeter hit a two-run homer off of Edwin Jackson to put the Yankees up, 4-3. But Carlos Pena hit a two-run homer to put Tampa Bay back up by a run. The Yankees came roaring back in the top of the eighth to score three runs. The rally was capped by a slow roller by Jeter to third that he beat out as the seventh and final run scored. The run was big because the Devil Rays scored another to finish the game, 7-6.
  26. April 4, 1997 – This was a loss to the Oakland A’s who scored three runs in the eighth to win the game. But Jeter had a double and a triple in the game and his triple in the seventh gave the Yankees a temporary lead.
  27. May 15, 2006 – This was a wild game at Yankee Stadium that the Yankees beat the Rangers, 14-13. The game was started by John Koronka for the Rangers and Shawn Chacon for the Yankees. Enough said, right? Jeter was everywhere in this game. He went four for five with a walk and drove in four runs and scored three. He hit a three-run homer and a double in the game.
  28. May 11, 2004 – The Yankees beat the Angels, 8-7 in ten innings. Jeter went three for six with a double and drove in two runs.
  29. August 24, 2004 – The Yankees beat the Indians, 5-4. Jeter started the scoring in the first with a homer and scored the winning run in the ninth after walking, stealing second and then stealing third to score on a single by Matsui.
  30. August 30, 2001 – This was another eleven-inning win as Jeter went three for six. In the eleventh inning, Enrigue Wilson hit a single. Jeter then hit a double to push Wilson to third where he was able to score on a sac fly to win the game.
  31. May 23, 1999 – Another extra-inning affair, this time against the White Sox. Jeter started the scoring with a homer in the first, but the Yankees were behind by four runs heading into the ninth inning. The Yankees rallied and Jeter walked. He scored the game-tying run from third on a balk.
  32. August 23, 1997 – Yet another eleven-inning contest, this one against the first place Mariners. Jeter went two for six with a walk. He also reached on two errors. Mariano Rivera blew the save in the ninth. Jeter singled to start the eleventh and scored the winning run on a Paul O’Neill double.
  33. August 9, 2011 – This was a loss to the Angels, but not until after Derek Jeter tied the game with a two-run single in the seventh to give the Yankees a chance in the game.
  34. April 15, 2006 – Another loss where Jeter’s heroics weren’t quite enough. He went three for three with a walk and a sacrifice bunt in a game started by the great Johan Santana. Jeter’s two-run single in the seventh erased a two-run deficit and knocked Santana out of the game.
  35. July 19, 1999 – Yet another loss but Jeter hit a two-run double in the seventh against the Expos to tie the game. It was a huge hit for the Yankees, but it wasn’t enough as Ramiro Mendoza coughed up the winning run a half an inning later.
  36. August 15, 2011 – The Yankees beat the Royals in this one and the big blow was a Derek Jeter triple in the sixth inning to score Russell Martin and Brett Gardner to break the game open and put the Yankees ahead for good. Jeter went three for four in the game and drove in three of the Yankees’ seven runs.
  37. May 6, 1998 – A wild 15-13 win in Arlington against the Rangers. Jeter went four for six in the game and scored two and drove in five runs in the game. He also hit a homer.
  38. May 7, 1999 – A blowout against the Mariners, Jeter went three for five including a three-run homer and had five of the Yankees’ eight runs batted in.

There you have it: Derek Jeter’s 38 greatest hits. Happy birthday, Captain. If we do this next year, it will have to be Jeter’s 39 four-hit games.

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  1. These may be his greatest 'hits' but any review of his career must include when he dives 4 rows deep into the seats to pull in a pop foul out in a midseason 'meaningless' game . I don't remember the particulars but I will never forget the image . Class all the way