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6 thoughts on “Breaking: Yankees put Sabathia on DL

  1. While a surprise, the news could be far worse. Heck, a couple of games rest and missing the All Star Game could even do him some good down the stretch.

    • That's true. Still, I don't see why the Yanks couldn't just call-up Phelps again to take his spot. Freddy's done a solid job in the 'pen, but he definitely should remain there.

  2. I do not like seeing the letters CC and DL in the same sentence – at least it doesn't sound too bad.

  3. He's not an Ace! Aces don't get hurt. (That's sarcasm to be clear).

    Let's just be hopeful it is not a slow-healing groin injury that is called an adductor muscle injury b/c they don't want to say Groin.

  4. While he's been winning, he's been far from dominant. Maybe this is why.

    I have no problem giving Freddy a start – he's been looking as good as last year, out of the pen. Might as well see how he does as a starter; if he looks good – his trade value will be enhanced. If not – no real loss.

  5. I'm not too worried about this. CC was reluctant to go on the DL and even Girardi said he could pitch if they were in the stretch run. This seems mostly precautionary in order to make sure he is fully healthy for the rest of the season. Smart move and the Yanks can certainly weather two starts without CC.