Dellin Betances takes a big step backwards, headed down to Trenton

Betances had an ugly April, but looked like he was making some progress in May.  He had an ERA of 3.86 over six games and was allowing only a .220 batting average from opposing hitters.  June, however, has made Betances’ April look nice.  Over five games, Betances has a 9.00 ERA and is getting smacked around for a .284 average.  On the season, he is giving up 8.32 walks per nine innings, just slightly under his 8.56 strikeouts per nine.

Consistency has long been the problem for the hard throwing, big righty.  He has plenty of potential, but allowing free passes has dogged him throughout the upper levels of the minors.  It is widely assumed that Betances destiny is as a reliever, yet the Yankees have yet to move him out of the starting rotation (perhaps trying to use him as trade bait?).  While I am sure that Betances is disappointed to be heading back to Trenton, it may be for the best.  He needs to prove himself and work on his consistency.  It may be easier a little further away from the majors and playing for a team that has an actual home ballpark this season.  Then again, maybe he will continue to be a source of prospect watching frustration.


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10 thoughts on “Dellin Betances takes a big step backwards, headed down to Trenton

  1. David Reyes

    He's still got a high ceiling. Why don't we just trade him for a high-end starter like Hamels, Grienke, or the longshot Felix?

    • Tamar

      I do think that's a big part of why they've kept him as a starter and not put him in the bullpen yet. If he can ever get some consistency he would be a nice starter, but I'm guessing he ends up as a setup man or closer.

      • He won't be anything if he's walking 8+ guys per 9 IP. Sadly. He and Brackman can play catch and miss each other half the time. Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry

        • Tamar

          It would be the ugliest game of catch since tee-ball.

          • ProfRobert

            I think at that point it's more accurately characterized as playing drop.

    • Would you trade one of those guys for Betances right now?

      • steve

        I wouldn't trade Kevin Youkilis for him.

  2. steve

    You have to look at him as a complete bust.

  3. jay_robertson

    Earlier this week, there was a headline stating that Melky "made himself tradeable." Looks like Betances is following in his footsteps.

  4. ninghagaldovs


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