Game 75: Welcome Back, Youk (But Not Really)

There is some great information in today’s pre-game notes from the LoHud Yankees blog. I’ll do my best to distill the crucial information here, but I suggest you check it out in its entirety.

  • Russell Martin is sitting today due to back stiffness, but Girardi does not anticipate a prolonged absence
  • Brian Cashman expects David Phelps to rejoin the team fairly soon
  • Ryota Igarashi was recalled to take Andy Pettitte’s roster spot

For those of you who may be interested in prospecting, Diamondbacks prospect Trevor Bauer will be making his Major League debut tonight, against the Atlanta Braves. I will certainly be bouncing back and forth between his half-innings and the Yankees game.

Onto the line-ups:

Chicago White Sox New York Yankees
Alejandro De Aza, CF Derek Jeter, SS
Kevin Youkilis, 3B Curtis Granderson, CF
Adam Dunn, DH Alex Rodriguez, DH
Paul Konerko, 1B Robinson Cano, 2B
Alex Rios, RF Mark Teixeira, 1B
A.J. Pierzynski, C Nick Swisher, RF
Dayan Viciedo, LF Raul Ibanez, LF
Alexei Ramirez, SS Eric Chavez, 3B
Gordon Beckham, 2B Chris Stewart, C
Dylan Axelrod, SP Ivan Nova, SP

The first pitch is scheduled for 7:05 p.m., on the YES Network. Let’s go Yankees!

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42 thoughts on “Game 75: Welcome Back, Youk (But Not Really)

  1. Mojo showed! The liner up the middle that Robbie was waiting for, guess he had shifted, was scorched, and Robbie’s reaction got the startled runner at first. That run was not gonna score.

    Tex saved the bacon in the 2cd.

  2. Big disappointment that the Yanks couldn’t score after Arod’s leadoff double. Off the end of Chavez’ bat, probably that strong fade Axelrod has been showing.

  3. Nova’s the magic man of Bapip tonight. 3 liners, two deep drives = about 6 outs, 0 runs.

    Ooop, long home run.

  4. we’ll see. After Eppley got him, Ivan pounded the padding on the dugout rail, and shouldered by Phil (?) kinda brusquely. Think he has some emotions running, deeper than his smirk would sometimes indicate.

  5. Arod’s second double, that DeAza fumbled, looked like a homer off the bat, but sounded (thanks, YES) like a broken bat.

    • I checked at RAB, and they are mystified at Arod’s double. De Aza fumbled it at 399, but when he hit it, it looked sure to be deeep. Even a fella at the game said the sound off the bat was pure homer.

    • Ivan was pretty solid in the 6th, but he has been hit HARD tonight, saved in almost every inning by a hard hit shot that Swish, Grady, Jete, Tex can stab.

  6. Only 88 pitches for Nova.

    I much prefer the hard shots off Nova that land a couple feet in front of the fence than the ones that land on the other side.

    • yes, thank God. He has pitched Dunn very warily, 2 walks, I think. Problem, by report, is fb command.

      • I want to see Dunn strike out a few times, just to get to see part of his historic K season.

      • Robbie has been shifting righties, (apparently, since YES doesn’t give a look at defenses) playing just off second, and intercepted two presumed hits.

  7. That tag-out was sweet, with the ball right there, where the runner kicked it. Close but clear outcome. The Yanks, and your beloved Stewart, did it just the same in the first.

  8. I predict tonight, Ivan will say something like,” We won, so that’s the big thing. But I just didn’t … I have to do more better.”

    • I predict he’ll say, “Boy I was effing fabulous out there,”

  9. Boy, Boone was all over Dunn on the first two pitches. Cleaned his windshield with a perfect slider. Then tucked a sweet fb under his unexpectant, slow bat, inside. Dunn got a healthy fly, but Boone was satisfied off the bat that it was an out.

    No k, sorry.

    • ManBan’s been rotten this year, I hear. Too bad. They need a guy, and it’s disappointing he’s not ready to step in.

      • He oughta watch Santiago video. Delivery is very similar, with less Fernando V fancy dithering at the outset.

  10. Wow, Joe maay be avoiding stressing Drob with a save. Eppley had earned a batter, now Rapada since it’s a lefty coming up. Dave for the last of the last?

  11. Sheiss! Rpada gets it, and throws it away!

    Come on, Houdini, bring your cape.

  12. choke on it ugly.

    Rapada looks like a pained man, sitting on the bench, devastated with regret.