AL East competition helping Yankees

The Baltimore Orioles are starting to fall under the weight of reality as some of their weaknesses are being exposed. They are currently at 12-12 for the month of June and have been outscored by 24 runs this month. The Rays still have some of the fear factor, but losing Evan Longoria leaves too many holes in the lineup. They are now 11-14 in the month of June and have also been outscored this month.

The Red Sox are perhaps another story. Their bullpen has been far better than expected and continue to get surprising work from Franklin Morales as a starting pitcher. They now have a decent rotation and have given up more than twenty runs less in June than they have in the previous two months (granted, with a few more games to play this month). But they are 14-11 this month despite outscoring their opponents by 34 runs in June.

But the Red Sox are not without their own flaws. Adrian Gonzalez has been a bit of a disappointment in Boston, Dustin Pedroia is trying to play through a ligament problem in his thumb and his production has slipped. Will Middlebrooks has slumped this week and made three errors since Kevin Youkilis was traded. Getting Jacoby Ellsbury back soon will help though.

The Yankees got hot just at the opportune time and their 19-6 mark in June has provided some separation from the pack. They do not have to play at such a scorching pace to maintain their advantage. So even with a sudden void in the rotation in two spots, if the Yankees can continue to win three of five games, they should be able to maintain the advantage. But lest we get ahead of ourselves, it should be good to remember that the Dodgers had a commanding lead in the NL West just a couple of weeks ago. It is a long season. July will be an interesting month.

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One thought on “AL East competition helping Yankees

  1. So – we're in good shape, but it would be nice if the team didn't make a habit of blowing 2 run leads in the ninth inning? ;)

    Did anyone expect to see the phrase "mediocre play in the division" applied to the AL East before the season started? Not that I'm complaining.