Game 75: Heads down

I think the worst thing about what happened yesterday with C.C. Sabathia and Andy Pettitte (incidentally, the latter was actualty put on the 60 day disabled list today, presumably to clear a 40 man roster spot for Adam Warren, so the earliest he can return at this point is August 27th), is that the team played an afternoon getaway day game yesterday, giving us all extra time to sit around with no actual baseball games thinking about how terrible things are going to be for the next couple of weeks. As of now, though, it’s another day and there’s a new game to be played, and a chance for other guys in the rotation to step up and earn some chits with the organization. But most of all, there’s a baseball season to be played, and no time to sit around thinking about who’s on the DL right now. The Yankees have been overcoming injuries all season in route to the best record in baseball, and there’s no reason they can’t keep that going tonight against the first place White Sox. Here are the lineups:

White Sox (40-35):

Alejandro De Aza CF
Kevin Youkilis 3B
Adam Dunn DH
Paul Konerko 1B
Alex Rios RF
A.J. Pierzynski C
Dayan Viciedo LF
Alexi Ramirez SS
Gordon Beckham 2B

Dylan Axelrod RHP

Yankees (46-28):

Derek Jeter SS
Curtis Granderson CF
Alex Rodriguez DH
Robinson Cano 2B
Mark Teixeira 1B
nick Swisher RF
Raul Ibanez LF
Eric Chavez 3B
Chris Stewart C

Ivan Nova RHP

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Game 75: Welcome Back, Youk (But Not Really)

There is some great information in today’s pre-game notes from the LoHud Yankees blog. I’ll do my best to distill the crucial information here, but I suggest you check it out in its entirety. Russell Martin is sitting today due to back stiffness, but Girardi does not anticipate a prolonged absence Brian Cashman expects David Phelps to rejoin the team fairly soon Ryota Igarashi was recalled to take Andy Pettitte’s roster spot For those of you who may be interested in prospecting, Diamondbacks prospect Trevor Bauer will be making his Major League debut tonight, against the Atlanta Braves. I will Continue reading Game 75: Welcome Back, Youk (But Not Really)

Analyzing the Betances demotion

Going into the season, it was expected that Manny Banuelos and Dellin Betance would be possible rotation options by midseason should injury befall a member of the Yankees’ starting 5.  Yesterday, the dreaded scenario occurred, as CC Sabathia was placed on the DL with a strained muscle in his leg and Andy Pettitte may be out for 2 months with a fractured ankle.  While Sabathia will be back after the All-Star break, Pettitte’s absence will leave a substantial hole in the rotation. The Yankees will likely fill in with a combination of Freddy Garcia, David Phelps, and Adam Warren (depending Continue reading Analyzing the Betances demotion

Will Ty Hensley Sign?

The Yankees signed a lot of this year’s draft picks rather quickly and many of them have already gotten their professional careers underway in either the GCL or Staten Island.  Robert Refsnyder (fifth round pick) has yet to sign, but he was busy winning the College World Series (and picking up MVP honors) and it looks like he should join the Yankees sooner rather than later.  The glaring absence, however, is Ty Hensley, the Yankees first round pick.

Mike Ashmore has an interesting interview with Hensley, and I encourage you to read it in its entirety, there is some good stuff in it.  Unfortunately, while it sounds like the two sides are moving closer together it is hardly certain that the Yankees will get Hensley inked.  The most pressing(and perhaps concerning) part of the interview for many of us will be the following statement from Hensley,

I scored a 28 on my ACT and would like to pursue an engineering degree at some point and the college experience just isn’t the same at 27 as it is at 18, but at the end of the day my dream is to be a big leaguer. The fastest and most efficient path to that goal is what I want my next step to be, so it is really important to think things through and weigh everything out. There’s time built into this process to do that and I am taking it.

He obviously needs to make the right choice for him, but I for one am hoping that means we will be seeing him in pinstripes.


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I let out more than a few expletives yesterday. One minute, I was finding out that C.C. Sabathia was heading to the disabled list for a short stay, and on the next I hear about Andy Pettitte’s broken ankle. Almost instantly, the Yankees lost their dual aces, and replaced them with a struggling Triple-A B prospect and Freddy Garcia. I’m probably not the only Yankee fan who felt the rug pulled out from under me last night. A few months ago, these developments would have been disastrous. Hiroki Kuroda, Ivan Nova and Phil Hughes are going to have to carry Continue reading #YankeeFanProblems

Yankees scouted Zack Greinke

Via Jon Morosi, the Yankees had a scout in attendance at Zack Greinke‘s start in Cincinnati yesterday. Morosi doesn’t expect the Yankees to be involved in talks for Greinke, however, which I can only speculate is due to that old “he can’t handle New York because of his anxiety problems” chestnut. I don’t put a lot of stock in that, and I don’t think the Yankees really do either, but if I had to guess, I don’t see them making much of a play for Greinke either. Right now their starting pitchers are performing quite well, probably well enough that Brian Cashman won’t want to sell of valuable assets to acquire a rental like Greinke. If they do seek out a pitching upgrade, I see Matt Garza as a more likely target, though if the price on Greinke is lower than anticipated because the acquiring team can’t get a draft pick back for him this offseason, I could see that changing soon. And after Andy Pettitte‘s ankle injury, I’d say all bets are off if someone in the front office starts to get itchy about the state of the rotation. Continue reading Yankees scouted Zack Greinke

Attempting To Put A Positive Spin On The CC/Andy Injuries

(Unless he’s praying to Mecca, that’s not a position you want to see Andy in.  Courtesy of Robert Sabo/NY Daily News)   (The following is being syndicated from An A-Blog for A-Rod) Injuries suck.  There’s no other way to say it.  And the reminders that they’re “part of the game” and “every team is dealing with them” don’t make them suck any less when they happen to your team.  The Yankees have already dealt with their fair share of injury woes in 2012, and yesterday’s double-whammy of injury-related suckiness was even more woeful considering it knocked out the Yankees’ 2 best starting Continue reading Attempting To Put A Positive Spin On The CC/Andy Injuries

Moving on from Black Wednesday

Yesterday was not a happy day in Yankeedom. Yes, the Yankees beat the Indians 5-4 to complete the series sweep and win their fifth consecutive game, but the big story of the day was the injuries suffered by both C.C. Sabathia. Obviously it’s going to be rather difficult to end a day that sees both of your top two pitchers hitting the disabled list at once, and not even the Bombers’ recent run of success can fully make up for it, nor erase the trepidation all Yankee fans must be feeling about the near future right now. So what do you say we try to find the silver lining in all of these black clouds?

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