The What Ifs of Last Year’s Trade Deadline

The July 31st trade deadline is one of my favorite times of the year. Its that point where every baseball fan seems to break out their general manager business suit, and propose ideas that you’d never fathom, for better or for worse.  I’ve always been reluctant to take trade chatter seriously, but it’s also easy...

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6/27 Game Thread: Martin’s Back

This afternoon, Andy Pettitte takes on the Indians and Ubaldo Jimenez. The Yankees are looking for their 5th straight win and a three game sweep behind strong pitching efforts from Hiroki Kuroda and Phil Hughes. Not only has the pitching rebounded, but the hitters appear to have their RISP trouble in the past. Russell Martin...

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Is Rafael Soriano…liked?

But a funny thing happened between then and now. Well, first, Mariano Rivera tore his ACL during warmups, which certainly isn’t funny. David Robertson, the clear fan favorite, got the first crack at filling in for Mo this season, but then he had his first meltdown in what seems like forever against Tampa Bay before going on the disabled list himself. That left Soriano as the last relief ace standing, and so far he’s been nothing short of a revelation in that role.

The save conversion rate (16 saves in 17 chances) gets the most mainstream attention, but lest you think that Soriano is just compiling saves, consider that he also sports a 1.63 ERA and 2.33 FIP in his 27.2 innings this season, and has yet to allow a home run either. And not to give too much credence to the “some guys are just closers” idea, but Soriano has been even better since assuming that mantle. Since recording his first save of the season back on May 10th, Soriano has allowed just two earned runs in 14.2 innings (an ERA of 1.20), with a strikeout to walk ratio of 13-2.…

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