June Prospect of the Month: Mason Williams

So that begs the question; is it sustainable? We heard reports in the spring that Williams had put a lot of effort towards increasing his power over the winter, but before this past month Williams had only three home runs all season, and up until just a couple of weeks ago he had just half of the eight home runs he finished his tenure in the South Atlantic League with. That could mean that he started to figure out the pitching at that level and find his power stroke, or it could mean that he just had a really good week at the plate. He did have 11 doubles, but sometimes it’s hard to get a feel for whether that’s a matter of power or speed with guys like Williams if you aren’t scouting them regularly. As it is, the Yankees have moved him up to High-A Tampa, so the higher level of competition there and the more neutral playing field should begin to give us a much better idea of how Williams skills translate to the game at present. The Yankees are being uncharacteristically aggressive in promoting the youngster this quickly, but I would imagine his plus defense in the outfield and plus contact skills had quite a bit to do with that. It will be interesting to see how quickly he can adjust to the competition in the Florida State League over the rest of the season, mostly because, if he does well, it presents the possibility that Williams could be arriving in the Bronx sooner than expected.

That’s still several steps away, however, so for now he’ll have to content himself with being our latest Prospect of the Month, and you’ll have to keep dreaming of him running down balls in left-center field sometime around the middle of this decade.

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