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6 thoughts on “Could Mo pitch again in 2012?

  1. Never say never. One thing working in Mo's favor is his job. Unlike a starter, he doesn't need the extra weeks to stretch his arm out and build up his pitch count. Every spring, it's almost comical how little work Mo needs to be ready for the season. So if he heals quickly enough and his knee can handle he stress, it's not outside the realm of possibility.

  2. How 'bout activating him for Game 7 of the WS?

    Not that such a game would need even more hype, but it sure would make a cool storyline.

    Not that it would ever happen. With the Yankee's problems with RISP and dependance upon the long ball – they'll never make it that far. ;)

  3. Why rush him back? I'd rather see him take the full year to rehab, and come back strong next season, than have him suffer a set back that would delay his return or possibly jeopardize it.

  4. With Mo, while I also personally would like to not rush things, I take sort of the inverse-Wesley Snipes/Passenger 57 rule and "never bet against Mo."

  5. So, with the emergence of Soriano and the inconsistency and injury of Robertson, would it be safe to say that Soriano will opt out of the last year of his contract and look for a longer one? If he does, does it mean the Yankees are actually in a position where they would extend him?!!? This is all as unthinkable to me as Mo being injured in the first place!

  6. As someone who has had ACL surgery, the comments about the work Mo put in before surgery is correct. If he was able to work on strengthening his Quad and Hamstring, it will be an easier recovery after surgery because these muscles will not atrophy as much.

    That said, like Brien said, it isn't worth the chance of Mo getting hurt to rush him back. Not sure of the exact number now, but when I was rehabbing everyone kept telling me that 75% of people who re-tear their ACL do so within a year of surgery. If Mo had been injured at the end of last season or early in the winter he could probably come back, but this time frame isn't worth it.