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8 thoughts on “Cashman: Yankees set with Martin

  1. I don't think anything will happen this year. Martin is a black hole but NY still has the 2d best run differential in MLB. He's good defensively. I think they run him out there the rest of the year and hope Romine's health improves and Sanchez continues to develop. It wouldn't surprise me to see Martin back on a one year deal. With his hitting woes it may be the best he could hope for, and NY could probably give him the best deal.

  2. Heres my thing with Martin. Is there a clear upgrade over Martin available? If there is, Cashman should look into it, and the answer he gave is a good as to not give up bargaining position. If there is no upgrade available, the answer Cashman gave was a good one. But if Martin keeps playing like this, and no upgrades are available, at least call up Cervelli and let Stewart go..


      I think that's Brien's nightmare where Cervelli is the best option overall…

  3. Martin is playing currently at the level of a back up catcher. I don't think that Romine will hit much better than Martin, Stewart, or even Cervelli.

  4. How about acquire Brayan Pena from KC since Salvador Perez is going to take over the starting catcher?

  5. There’s still a reasonable chance Martin will hit better in the second half. I wouldn’t give up on him now, unless a clear upgrade with minimum cost presents itself, and I doubt it will.

  6. It kills me to say it… but fans just don't miss posada…

    maybe it's because he stopped being the full time catcher awhile ago… but man can u imagine if soriano was stinking out the joint or jeter had retired and his replacement was hitting .178? first place or not, i daresay ud have fans pining for their legends back…

    i miss you and your production, jorge

  7. Well, I think it depends on what you mean by "miss." Do people miss having a catcher who hit like Posada did from 2000-09? I would wager they definitely do. Do they wish that Posada would walk through the door tomorrow with his gear on? Probably not, because a) he struggled last year and b) he probably can't catch everyday, even if he could be an average hitter right now.