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13 thoughts on “Yankees sign first rounder Hensley

  1. Suddenly, the whole "maybe I want to go to college and be an engineer" statement makes some more sense – as a negotiation tactic perhaps. Though my guess is eventually someone clued him into the fact that if this "abnormality" turns into an actual problem he will be out a million bucks.

  2. Explain? (please) — Do you mean that if the abnormality is a problem, he loses his signing bonus? Or just that he no longer has a career as a pitcher?

    thanks. and you're right – suddenly things are a bit clearer.

    • I'm thinking that if he had decided to go pitch in college and the abnormality turned into an actual problem he no longer has a career as a professional pitcher and he's out 1.2 million.

  3. WTF? They sign a player that may have a shoulder problem? What exactly does that mean, a abnormality? Don't we have enough pitchers with issues already? I can see this blowing up in their faces a few years down the road if this abnormality becomes a injury.

    • Um, why? Even if the abnormality turns out to be a big problem and he never makes the major leagues, what's the argument against signing him *after* he's been drafted?

      • To me, the fact the Yanks dropped their offer 25% below slot, and the kid still took when he had the option to play college ball and wait a year to be drafted again raises a huge red flag. I know 1.2 mil is a drop in the bucket compared to a $200 mil payroll, but still, it's not football, where signing a #1 pick is a must. A baseball draft pick,even a #1, is not guaranteed to ever see the bigs, so why sign a kid that already may have a medical issue?

      • I’m not sure that works as a comparison, though. Brackman had an injury before the draft, and the Yankees took a flier on him anyway because they didn’t get many chances to draft that kind of high upside player. It didn’t work out, but it didn’t exactly kill them either. In any case, there’s no indication that this is an *injury* to Hensley’s shoulder, just something out of the ordinary. Maybe it gives him problems, maybe it doesn’t, but there’s also no indication anyone knew about it before the draft either.