Is history on New York’s side?

With Friday the 13th not that far in the rear view, superstitious thoughts are on the mind.  When aren’t superstitious thoughts on the mind when it comes to baseball?

Only two times during New York’s eleven pennant years since 1969 have the pinstripes possessed the best record in baseball on July 15th.  In five of the eleven pennants seasons since 1969, the Yankees had the third best record in the Major Leagues.  Maybe the Rangers and Dodgers recent fades are not exactly welcome by the Yankees (would the third best record be better than the top record?).  Despite the frequently talked about issues regarding hitting with runners in scoring position, the Yankees have the fifth rated offense in all of baseball.  They also have hit nine more homers than any other team (on a franchise record pace).  Besides, the Yankees supposedly crippled pitching staff still possesses the fifth best ERA in the game.   As everyone knows, pitching wins championships in the end.  Just ask the Washington Nationals how good pitching is treating them these days.

Also, I forgot to mention that the Yankees in both 1996 and 1998 held double digit leads in the AL East and possessed the best record in the MLB on July 15th.  I think we all know how those memorable seasons ended.  So I have thrown a lot of numbers at you today.  I am sure it was difficult to follow.  Just to summarize, things are going very well right now for the team out of the Bronx.  I don’t think anyone would disagree with that.  The pinstripes are looking to sweep one of the best teams in baseball today with rising star Ivan Nova on the hill and Robinson Cano currently playing at an MVP level.

All of my ramblings regarding the numbers tell us one thing.  It is still only July 15th (so they really tell us nothing).  Despite being over half way through the 2012 season, there are 75 games left to play.  The six-month 162 game journey is a grind.  It is a roller coaster ride for all 30 teams involved.  There is no other way to spin it.  When push comes to shove, Tampa Bay will likely make a run, and the hated team out of Beantown will not go down without a fight (Ellsbury is back).  Considering the tough blows dealt to the pitching staff, the Yankees are doing pretty well.  The regular season is just a stepping stone in the Bronx though.  Making the playoffs is not even worthy of a celebration.  Winning a pennant will get a few smiles.  A World Series is the only thing that will suffice for this team.  Whether history is on their side or not, number 28 is the only thing that is on the mind of the Yankee faithful.

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