Donald Trump: baseball expert

6 thoughts on “Donald Trump: baseball expert

  1. jay_robertson

    Never mind any other absurdity that spews from his mouth – but this? "Yankees…should renegotiate his contract."

    That explains why he's rich and I'm not. I did NOT know that was an option; with ideas like that, I don't know why he isn't on Cashman's financial advisory team. Has he given Girardi any tips – say, "Win more games." ?

    Good idea. I suppose, in his world, all things are re-negotiable. In his favor, of course.

  2. Mscott

    Baseball's drug testing program was in full swing by 2005 —

    Alex Rodriguez Batting Stats for Years 2005 to 2011 (or "a drug free A-Rod")

    Avg. .296 OBP .393 Slug .556 OPS .949 (147 OPS+)

    Average Per Season: 100 Runs 114 RBI 35 HR

    2 MVP Awards

    I'll stay out of high finance if Mr. Trump will stay out of player evaluation.

  3. lazlosother

    Donald Trump thinks ARod was born in Kenya.

    • Wait, he wasn't? Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry

  4. brian

    I honestly don't care about Arod's contract..

    I don't care that by nearly all accounts he is an insufferable dbag..

    I don't care…much… about the PED's

    I don't even care about his 'production' that much… after all if the team is making the playoffs every year anyways…. whats the difference?

    The one thing that I do care about is his ability to play the field going forward so he doesn't clog up the DH spot every game for the next five years… I can even live with him DHing 40-50% of the time in the future… but 80-90%???? 100%???

    Having a player whom most people don't even like as a full time DH making 20+ million dollars a year??? At 41 years old?? That's got "disaster" written all over it…. the resentment towards Arod would be suffocating

    As long as he can play third base though… i don't think things will get ugly!

  5. resrosuanin


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