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One thought on “Potential trade target: Shane Victorino

  1. Career low .265 BABIP (career .296), which I'm guessing stems from his career low LD% of 15.3% (career 18.3%). But then again he managed .292 BABIP last year while holding a LD rate of 15.8%. But his FB% is 3 points over his career and HR/FB is 1% under his career, while GB% is right at career. Hmm… so maybe it's the O-contact % which is a career high?

    All his #s just look slightly off from his past few seasons, but here is the biggest difference, seen in his PITCHf/x Pitch Values / 100, for 4-seam fastballs:
    2007: 0.58
    2008: 1.21
    2009: 1.58
    2010: 1.64
    2011: 0.75
    2012: -1.41
    (He's also slightly negative on 2-seamers for the 1st time in his career as well.)

    Now Victorino is only going to turn 32 in November, so I'm not sure age is a valid factor here. He might just be having his first below average year offensively since he became a full time player in 2006 (wRC+ 94). You don't like to see this, though:

    7/9/2012: Manager Charlie Manuel said he pulled Victorino from the lineup Sunday because Victorino's spirits were down regarding his recent performance, the Philadelphia Inquirer reports.