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5 thoughts on “Rivera hoping to pitch in September

  1. As great as it would be to see Mo on the mound for the stretch run this season, I'm inclined to hope he doesn't do it. We all know he wants to come back after his injury, but what happens if he does come back and pitches well and the Yanks win the Series? What incentive does he have to be back next year? #firstdivisionproblems

  2. What happens if he pitches and the Yankees win? We all celebrate. :)

    Point is i think Mariano is smart enough to know when to come back. He doesn't even come to spring training on time for the benefit of his health. If he is ready then he should make that ultimate decision

  3. I'll believe it when I see it… I def think Rivera will be ready for 2013 opening day but 2012? dont buy it

    Look, every year is different, there have been PLENTY of years in this run where the yankees couldn't have won a title without him… this is not one of those years… this team doesn't need rivera, not as a closer anyway…

    if rivera did come back i'd suggest he go back to his '96 role… setting up, pitching more of the high leverage innings… i know his ego wouldnt like it, but he already has the saves record so maybe he'd do it

  4. It could be the bullpen from another planet:

    Fifth Inning – Logan, etal.
    Sixth Inning – Joba
    Seventh Inning – Robertson
    Eighth/Ninth Inning – Mo and Soriano