Freddy and the dreamers

David Phelps showed the Yankees again in tantalizing fashion that he could be a better option than Garcia. Phelps has made three starts this season. None of them lasted five innings. All three featured far too many pitches thrown per inning. But all in all, they were not bad innings. In those three starts, he has pitched twelve and a third innings. He has allowed eleven hits and three runs. The walks are a problem as he has allowed six of those in his three starts. His game scores were 47, 57 and 60 (51 is average). That is a far better game score average than Freddy.

It would seem silly for the Yankees to pick up a starter in trade as Pettitte will be back in September and should be ready for the post season. Any starter brought in would be a stopgap that would either cost money or prospects. Why not give Phelps the job until Pettitte returns? Seriously, what could it hurt? The long term benefit is allowing a young pitcher to learn on the job on how to be a big league pitcher and set him up for success for years to come. The downside is that he could fail. But again, you do not expect fireworks from your fifth starter.

David Phelps should get a shot and that shot should last until Pettitte returns. David Cone loves Phelps’ poise and mechanics. That’s a good enough endorsement here. Phelps should be given the ball with the mandate that he pounds the strike zone and not try to get too cute. Sorry, Freddy, but the last two starts are too reminiscent of his starts at the beginning of the season and banishment seems the best option. It is really hard to imagine Phelps being any worse. And it is easy to imagine him being a lot better.

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