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6 thoughts on “Monday morning links

  1. You don't have to agree with Kiernan; however, the Yankees did NOT look that good against Oakland. Hard to argue that, although apologists can surely come up with a raft of reasons WHY the Yankees looked virtually impotent against the A's.

    So, exposed? I guess not. Bad? Uh, yes. Should they meet up in October, I wouldn't be betting the farm on the NY team to beat Oakland. I know – this is the team they have, and there is little room for improvement – at least with the current immovable lineup. But that doesn't mean they are a lock to "turn it on" come playoffs.

    The Yankees are performing as constructed – feasting on the teams they can beat, and being embarrassed by those they can't. What makes it painful is that it is teams like KC and Oakland making us look bad. (We expect the Angels to do that.)

  2. The 1998 Yankees had a four game losing streak in August. The 1961 Yankees had a four game losing streak. It happens. Sometimes you have to tip your cap to the other team. They pitched fantastic and everything went right for them. Long season. And there hasn't been a team in history that wasn't flawed in some ways. More on that later…

  3. Their ERA for the weekend was lower than their season average- so that's good. It's not like they pitched poorly overall, but the few pitching mistakes were timely (for the A's). 4 1-run losses in a row is bizarre, but I don't think it really exposes a plethora of flaws. If they lose 3 to to the Mariners and Seattle hits .300 then maybe we're at threat level midnight.

  4. Wake up call rather than a harbinger of doom. They really had been sailing along with virtually no bumps in the road over the past two months. This shows that they have to pay attention to smal details that become big in October. Like advancing runners and getting runs with outs when the opportunity arises. All that said, it wouldn't surprise me one bit if Oakland gets smoked when they come to the Bronx in September. I agree with Tommy's take. Get pummeled by Seattle and then you've got a big issue.