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21 thoughts on “Yankees acquire Ichiro

  1. I absolutely LOVE this trade! What's his option # for next year? If not too crazy, even if unsigned, nets us a draft pick if he goes elsewhere.

    But it's days like this, when we go pick up a future HOFer for some couch change to make a stretch run. Love it!

  2. I love the deal too, Marc. I think Ichiro will do great for the Yankees in a new environment and with proven hitters around him. What a great move!

  3. we may end up being surprised by his offense. his home/away splits this year show a pretty big gap. .214/.255/.289 vs .297/.314/.402

  4. here's why i like this trade. ichiro has been the lone bright spot in a culture of losing for the better part of his career (i know i know they set the record for wins). but this guy is no john rocker. he's gotta understand that seattle is in full out rebuilding mode. there's no room for an aging vet with dimishing skills. that's a tough place to play i don't care who you are.

    but now he's out, and gone to a real contender. and a place where the asian media will be as friendly as it was in seattle. but most of all i point to david justice and bobby abreu. a couple of guys with phenomenal talent that was waning. coming from places where they were expected to be the man and stepping into a yankee clubhouse without the pressure of carrying a team. ichiro can get back to just playing baseball without being the face of a franchise. i smell a guy who will be reenergized for a shot at a title.

    • exactly. and if by chance he doesn't do anything they don't have the political issues of not playing. What's the over-under on HR's at Yankee Stadium? I'd say 3.5

  5. I had a passing thought last week that Ichiro could be a cagey addition for a team who could surround him with a better lineup and give him a chance to go to the playoffs for the first time since his rookie year. Never thought Seattle would let him go for so little. Obviously, his skills have diminished, but he's still the face of the franchise. Who do they expect people to pay to see on the days King Felix doesn't pitch? Kyle Seager? Caspar Wells?

    Love the move for the Yankees. Pretty much no downside.

    • hahaha that right, kuroda was getting lonely. Maybe they do better with company. Great trade, two prospects who aren't that big of a deal.

  6. I love, love, love this trade. It shows a "doing something" mentality, while picking up a fixture (and a good defensive OF) for very little overall cost and nothing against the $189mm bottom line goal. I also feel that Ichiro is also disruptive enough on the basepaths (not at a Gardner level, but when ARod is your SB leader) to provide a net benefit, depending on his slot in the lineup…

  7. Ichiro batting 8th…. because apparently batting him 9th, ahead of the righty jeter in the second leadoff spot made too much sense…

  8. I'm smelling Pudge Rodrigeuz 2.0 from 2008 trade…. both former MVPs, gold glovers, declining talent…

    Just have to hope that this trade is better than the other Seattle trade early this year.

  9. No brainer move here Reminds me a bit of the Berkman deal a couple of years ago. Change of scenery and one more chance at a ring might elevate his game back to at least respectable status, if not more. He's strictly a two (or three) month rental and we'll see who plays RF next year, because unless he takes a bargain basement deal, or accepts arbitration, Swisher is gone.

  10. Whoa. I'm late to the party on this one. That's what I get for basically living in a library for a couple days. Awesome! I love Ichiro!