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12 thoughts on “A-Rod leaves game with broken wrist

  1. My comment is about something I have been noticing for some time and can no longer remain silent. The seconds before the Martin struck out and the Yankees lost tonight after being swept in Oakland, leaving another score of runners in scoring position and losing Alex for a while, the camera panned to Robby Cano who was smiling and laughing in the dugout. I know that this is a 162 game season and "just another day at work" for these players but there is a disturbing lack of intensity with this particular group of Yankees that's hard to stomach. Too much friendly grad ass with the other team on the bases and shit like Cano looking like he was having a great ol time in that moment. There's no fire on this team! No one seems particularly upset when they fuck up and/or the team loses.. That's why we are again doomed as fans to watch the Bombers bomb theie way to the best record in baseball and get beat first round of playoffs unless thay get lucky enough to hit a hot streak like the one that just passed. I like Joe Girardi but I'm beginning to think he is not the right personality to get some fire in this squad. Let's get Paul O'neill down from the booth and into the dugout!

    • Because when I think of managers with a real fire in their belly, Joe Torre is the first example that springs to mind!

      • Right you are! Torre would have glared at Cano in a way that would have wiped that smile off his face very quicly.And, brace yourselves DJ worshipers… the Capt. sets a shitty example when he plays grab ass and chats like a teenage girl with opposing fielders when he's on the bases. I love Derek but have always been bothered by his behavior in this aspect. Maybe, (obviously) he can switch intensity on and off but most can't.

    • There is also Nunez. Even though he didn't play third base for a long time it's not like he is a great fielder anyway

    • Good idea. No way Chavez makes it all season playing 3rd every day. Nunny and Pena need to start working on their chops.

      Or anyone else Tamar can think of in the minors. Looks like we shoulda been in on Youk.

  2. No one is going to comment on Hernandez being all over the place last night and hitting 3 of our guys with one possibly being out for the season? Agree 100% with Don's observation of Jeter. He's handsy as f*ck with every opposing infielder while chatting it up with them. And yes, WTF is Cano laughing about. There should've been retaliation yesterday and if there isn't today then Girardi is the biggest pussy in the game. Hernandez was sloppy last night and gave us plenty of opportunity to win.

    • So you want to see one of their guys hit, so then they can hit one of our guys, and keep it going? It was a changeup and a bad break, get over it. Committing assault is probably not the answer.