Yankees to recall Ramiro Pena

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7 thoughts on “Yankees to recall Ramiro Pena

  1. jay_robertson

    Thanks – now I don't have to read Sherman. 😉

    Figured it had to be Nunez or Pena, given Girardi's preference for veterans – even tho neither of these will likely become all-stars, they both have plenty of experience with the big team.

    • BrienJackson

      Unless a trade is made soon, Pena makes the most sense as a fill in. I like CoJo a lot, but he's not a terribly strong defender, and he's left handed, so he doesn't work in a platoon with Chavez. Laird might, but he's not versatile and I don't have a ton of faith in his ability to hit big league pitching.

  2. David

    Does it make it any worse that Hanley Ramirez was had for basically nothing overnight as well? I realize, salary-wise, it'd be terrible as a non-rental but man… just salt in the wound.

    • BrienJackson

      Well, they also sent a decent MLB ready pitcher over as well. Would you trade David Phelps and take on that entire contract to plug third base with a guy who doesn't want to be a third baseman and will have no other position in two months?

  3. Baseball bob

    Was it too early to give Ronnier Mustelier a shot? He played a little 3rd and also 2nd or outfield

  4. steve

    Recalling Pena says to me they expect to make a move soon. Pena is just a body. They also don't want Nunez to do it which says a lot about him. This would be the ideal opportunity for him. Play everyday in a consistent position.

  5. stephen dipresso

    nunez hit 277 against righties he was better at third than at ss where he is terrible

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