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11 thoughts on “Yankees will explore trade options at third

    • Why on earth would they ever trade Moustakas? That is almost like asking to trade for Trout in terms of what it would take. Basically impossible.

        • I would love to see what stats a DH would need to have to justify his cost. Basically the value calculation in reverse. I'm guessing Bonds-esque offensive numbers.

          • So basically Arod would need about 6.4 war to justify his salary (~$32 million at $5 million a win).

            According to http://wahoosonfirst.com/war-calculator, he would need to put up an OPS+ of about 188 over 130 games to do that as a full DH. I picked 130 games because that seems to be the high end of what he is capable of. Just for a rough idea, to get an OPS+ of 188 at DH you more or less need something like an OBP of .440 and a SLG of .600.

  1. Really like the Scutaro idea. A right handed bat to platoon with Chavez is ideal. He can also be an upgrade over Nix at SS when Jeter needs rest.

  2. No thank you to any of the third baseman mentioned above. We probably have to give up David Phelps or Eduardo Nunez.. Not worth a two month rental player

  3. While it doesn't make sense to trade for a 3b with several years of team control, it's worth pointing out that players with hand wrist injuries often don't fully regain their hitting for much longer than the DL stint. So, the team may need a legitimate bat somewhere in the lineup.

  4. I'd rather get Jesus Guzman from san diego.good bat at a great cost.a lot of upside.

  5. Instead of giving up Nunez to get a guy like Scutaro….just play Nunez but give him a catchers mitt to play 3B. : )