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9 thoughts on “Yankees want Nunez to play short

  1. potential 3B related question, what was Ronnier Musteliers injury is and if he can return this yeah and help?

  2. Jeter stinks defensively. He sucks when facing a right handed starter. I hope Nunez gets a lot of playing time next year at SS. Jeter needs to become a platoon player next year.

    Mustelier has a foot injury when his slid into a wall fielding a ball.

  3. Those more familiar with the details feel free to correct me… but I believe Nunez was the primary hold up in the "Cliff Lee" rental that, in all liklihood would have pushed the Yankees into the world series that year…

    they didn't want to spend the money on lee long term which turned out to be smart.. but they might have let their affinity for nunez cost them a championship…

    at this point to trade for him nothing of insignificance would be a stomach-punch… i guess they are planning to have him take over for jeter someday…

    • I believe it was Adams foot injury that prompted the Mariners to back out of the deal at the last minute and allowed Texas to step in.

    • I think there was also the matter of Cashman realizes he was being used for leverage and trying to hold the gun to Jack Z, but at the same time it's not crazy in retrospect to say that Montero and Nunez would have been too much for a pure rental of Cliff Lee.

  4. This is tangential, but I reflect on this quotation: "We want him to play short,' George King quotes general manager Brian Cashman as saying." I appreciate the class and journalistic integrity of attributing information obtained from other sources. It shouldn't be remarkable, but in a world where a large proportion of people on the internet seems to think that information may be taken for free and without reference, I appreciate the classiness of the authors at this site for being scrupulous about attributions; it's one of the many pleasures of reading here.