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6 thoughts on “Wise outrighted to Triple-A

  1. There they go again….Eating their young…..Why can't the Yankees keep these young guys around.? DeWayne was having a solid year ! A young guy who has a lot of talent…..

    • Not that I disagree totally with sentiment in general. In this case he is not exactly a young guy baseball wise, being in his mid 30's.

    • Um, Wise is not young, and has a fairly long track record as a big league replacement player.

      • My mistake…..Just confirming what Jete had to say after the Ichiro trade…..Young or not DeWayne was an asset off the bench….A guy like Wise gets to the Yankees and steps it up and gets bounced from the team. I remember when Melky got bounced because he was a distraction to Robby Cano…….Bad Karma…..

        • Well:

          a) DFA'ing the last guy on the bench to make roster room isn
          t exactly unique to the Yankees.

          b) It's also not at all the same thing as Melky being traded in the offseason.

          I'm not saying that Wise didn't do a good job, but he was nothing special, and wasn't going to be anything but a bench player for the rest of the year. And with the addition of Ichiro he'd be redundant anyway, since they won't need a defensive replacement in the outfield and it wouldn't be wroth DFA'ing Ibanez just to keep a pinch runner around.

          • I agree. I really liked Wise, and I wish Girardi had given him more time in left field, at least long enough to see if his IL numbers would translate at the MLB level. That said, Ichiro is an upgrade over Wise, and this is a business. I do hope Wise gets back to the majors with some team, and I wish him well (except against the Yankees of course).