Yankees pound Red Sox in series opening win

4 thoughts on “Yankees pound Red Sox in series opening win

  1. John

    I think this game is just another piece of evidence that last weeks 4 game sweep by the A's was more of a one off than a disturbing warning sign. I think the Yanks just ran into a hot club that was playing at home and probably got amped up to play the best team in the majors. Plus each game was only lost by one run. A hit here or a key strike out there and the Yankees are sweeping the A's instead.

    • Anders

      Yes, the Oakland series was sort of "regression to the mean". The Yankees have picked up more than their fair share of earlier this season.

  2. jay_robertson

    Or – this is just what the Yankees are supposed to do – beat up on bottom feeders. Just as folks are saying Ichiro is now "just a name," so it is with the Red Sox. We whaled on the Sox – no different than when the Yankees would beat up on the Orioles or Devil Rays, back in the day.

    otoh, it looks like the Sox really aren't trying that hard – for whatever reason, their heads just aren't quite in the game. Example – in the 8th, Pedroia could have turned a dp before the Grand Slam, but he forgot to have his foot ON first base. The throw from 2nd was on target, on time – but foot off base.

    Back when the Sox where the Sox – that would not have happened.

  3. tranartunca

    bow.. bow.. bow..

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