Game Thread: Sunday July 29th, Red Sox vs. Yankees

The Yankees fought their way out of a 6 – 1 deficit Saturday night only to see victory slip away after Curtis Granderson misread a fly ball in the top of the ninth inning. It was a disappointing ending to what at one point seemed like a vintage Yankee come back in the making. Sunday’s game is an opportunity to turn the page. The Yankees look to take the series with Hiroki Kuroda on the mound. The Red Sox will counter with Felix Doubront. Enjoy.

48 thoughts on “Game Thread: Sunday July 29th, Red Sox vs. Yankees

  1. I hope Andy’s setback doesn’t prevent him from being ready for the playoffs. I was already worried about his leg strength.

      • I worry about Rodriguez coming back, not having time to get in a groove, and being abysmal, while Girardi continues to bat him cleanup through the playoffs.

  2. OK, so no 1st inning runs tonight. That better mean they will score some middle inning runs, as well as late inning runs. They owe me big time for not scoring in the 1st.

  3. I’m hoping we got the meat on the table, after Boston nibbled their appetizer. Now we just need to break on thru Dubront..

  4. Now I understand why the Yankees traded for Ichiro, he’s only batting .169 w/RISP. Fits right into this team.

    • I think they’ll re-sign him. Not saying I agree, but I think they do even if it means Granderson has to go. (By the way, I would not sign Granderson to any contract longer than 3/4 years.)

    • money sure doesn’t seem encouraging. Same with Swish – we love these guys, but the money would seem to drive them away.

        • maybe. I suggested 30 x 4 today, but then I thought of the 189 limit, and that does not work in well with Grandy or Swish. The vectors pull it to the long term acceptance, with the back years taking the heavy load.

  5. Admired Hershhiser the 50 scoreless inning -or so – pitcher, a real bulldog. But not this guy who empathizes so with the Red Sock Nation.

  6. The only think more frustrating than this is this website. Spent about 20 minutes trying to get back on. The owners of this site need to look into this problem.

    • yep, same for me, for 30 minuts.

      my new windows/explorer diagnosed the misconnection, and found my pc was configured fine, it was a problem with the source.

      • I’m using Firefax. I have other windows open and could navigate them. This is the only site I’ve had problems with.

    • Fans are going to complain if he walks. Others will complain about the length and $ of the contract if the re-sign him. It’s a no-win situation for Cashman & ownership.

  7. Lost the site for a 2nd time. Tomorrow I’ll try sending a message to the folks through the Contact Us site. Maybe they even check that!

  8. Martin with a blast. Suzuki with a dribbler and the Yankees are in it. Suzuki will steal with Jeter batting.

  9. The mere thought of Nick Swisher playing elsewhere next year makes me very, very happy.

    • No way they can re-sign him, Cano & Granderson and stay under $189M in 2014. In fact they may only be able to re-sign one of them.

  10. Screw u Robertson come on we shudve swept this instead were bout 2 b three wins in our last 10!

  11. Wow, got the same boot at RAB.

    Backs to the wall. Get ’em, lads. Fluky hit, let the gods worry.

  12. Verrrrrrry painful I expected better from robbertson wud rather them lose blowout then lose like they jst did

    MON – JUL – 30 – vs Baltimore – 7:05 PM – YES
    TUE – JUL – 31 – vs Baltimore – 7:05 PM – YES, MLBN
    WED – AUG – 1 – vs Baltimore – 1:05 PM – YES, MLBN
    THU – AUG – 2 – – –
    FRI – AUG – 3 – vs Seattle – 7:05 PM – YES, MLBN
    SAT – AUG – 4 – vs Seattle – 1:05 PM – YES, MLBN
    SUN – AUG – 5 – vs Seattle – 1:05 PM – YES

  14. The Yankees were 0-for-7 with runners on base against Doubront, who has a 2.41 ERA in three career starts against New York.

    “We didn’t really have a lot of opportunities,” Girardi said. “We had one chance early in the game and we weren’t able to get it done. Doubront was tough on us. He’s been tough on us all three of his starts.”

    I find Giri’s take on “opportunities” revealing.