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6 thoughts on “Rosenthal: Yankees still in mix for Headley

  1. This makes sense only if you make A-Rod the full time DH OR if you put Headley in LF. Thinking a little outside of the box here, if Gardner is still here next year, why not move him to CF and put Granderson in RF. Curtis is getting older, and Gardner is flat out a better centerfielder. Then put Headley in LF, where at least he has some experience. Occasionally stick him at 3B to give A-Rod a breather. Hard to imagine that Jones, Chavez and Ibanez all return next year, so this might be a solution.

  2. Once again, the thought of Arod spending 5+ years as a full time DH when you have other aging players like Jeter, Tex, Grandy, (even Cano turns 30 soon) who are going to need some half days off… its just sickening…

    he's obviously going to spend A LOT of time DHing… and thats fine, it just can't be all the time!

    • Well, that kind of depends on what your alternative is. If you get a good deal on a replacement third baseman who gets on base a lot and plays elite defense, it makes it a lot more palatable no?

      • Make A-Rod the backup 3B, figure him for roughly 30 starts at 3rd to allow for DH-days for the rest of the lineup? Maybe eventually he starts to learn 1B so he becomes your corner IF backup, then you could put him in the field for 40-50 starts at either corner, plus saves a roster spot for a backup 1B

      • If you get a good deal seems to be the key. If they don't have to give up too much to get him that's great, but I would guess that's doubtful. Odds are you are seeing his peak performance this season and I would say he he gets on base at a decent rate with good defense based on stats I have looked at with a cursory look. This season being the only one with a slg over .400 to me means he will age quickly as far as value would be another guess. So I might trade straight up for Nunez, but wouldn't give up any real prospects for him. I don't see that as something SD is really looking for.

  3. His career numbers on the road are 298/365/448. At Petco it’s 235/324/341. So I disagree with the notion that he doesn’t have any power at all. Not easy for hitters playing in that canyon of a ballpark. Hitting mostly from the left side in Yankee Stadium will most certainly help.