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2 thoughts on “Late rally falls short as Yankees fall to O’s

  1. Ichiro's home run was nice (and wow – it wasn't a "cheap home field" hit either) – but – watching him in the field, it is becoming more apparent why Seattle decided to part with the man. At least last night, his throws were either weak or off target, and he didn't do any better catching balls hit his way than Mr. Jones. Then again, he didn't fall on his azz like Grandy – he just didn't try that hard.

    Funny – the YES crew was making excuses for his lightly motivated play – calling it experience.

    I'm becoming more doubtful that his fielding skills will be THAT much of an upgrade over Ibanez. Better than Jones – sure – Rivera would be an upgrade over Jones, even with a dinged leg, but beyond that, I'd like to see some of the Suzuki magic, please.