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6 thoughts on “Cashman: Joba to be activated tonight

  1. Hope Pena can make a good impression at shortstop tonight before he gets sent down.

  2. I am excited about this. He's the best trade-deadline acquisition we realistically could have gotten.

  3. I can't underestimate how excited I am about this, on a personal level. I want him to succeed so badly, as a giant F-U to those who bashed him for daring to get hurt playing with his son.

    Arm injuries happen. So do non-baseball accidents. To have him return so soon from two severe ones is just a testament to his fortitude, something many didn't think existed.

    Welcome back, Joba.

    • Yep, I think I posted something similar, albeit in a more controversial way, in one of the earlier Joba posts about a month or two ago. One of the few posts downrated here! :) But I cannot WAIT for Joba to come back and destroy some fools, CAN. NOT. WAIT.